This new age we are living is intended to help us all remember to go within, rest and restore ourselves, and get to know our True Self, Soul, Higher Self, God/Source/Creator, and Spirit.

We are here to heal our emotional wounds and deepen our connection with our Soul and Spirit for the love, peace, joy, guidance, healing, prosperity, comfort, and power we seek which is within each of us as part of the Creator.

We chose to be here at this time to make a difference and to create a better New World.

We are all here to realize ourselves as Divine Beings created by God/Source/Creator, to remember how to live our Spiritual Mastery, and to live in Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, and Equality in partnership and interdependence with our Soul, Spirit, and one another.

We are to learn to live with as much Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion, and Forgiveness as we can for ourselves and for others for we will relive this life again and experience our affect on others when we pass into the world of Spirit and have our Life Review with our Maker.

We act and speak unconsciously most of the time. We unintentionally hurt ourselves and others. We create and experience unnecessary pain and suffering. Be willing to forgive. Be mindful. Carefully choose to live as your Soul guided by Spirit and be aware of what you say, do, think, and feel.

Karma is real. As we sow, so shall we reap in this lifetime or the next so we may grow, learn, and heal.


We are learning to seek and recognize the "I AM THAT I AM" which is the Divine Spark of God that is within all of us.

The Voice of Spirit speaks to us within our Soul. It is the often subtle, still, small Voice within us.

Our Soul guides us through our Soul's psychic senses of Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), Claircognizance (knowing), and Clairvoyance (seeing), along with the amazing, magical synchronicities and assistance of the Universe.

Spirit loves, informs, supports, and guides our spiritual development, Soul's evolution, and life journey.

We are learning to how to blend our masculine and feminine sides and to dissolve lifetimes of false beliefs in separation, unworthiness, limitation, lack, victimization, pain, suffering, drama, control, victimization, and resistance to growth and change.

As our Souls evolve, we can bring about massive changes on earth, within humanity, and the way we all live so that we may overcome lifetimes of limitations and live our Spiritual Mastery as Divine Creative Spiritual Beings!

It is the purpose and destiny we have all come here to remember, create, and enjoy living!

No matter what happens, you are always loved, guided, and supported by your Soul. Spirit, and God.

No one can take away or control the Love and Light of your Soul unless you give them your Power. You are a child of God. Live in Peace.

Go within the stillness and silence for the love, peace, joy, power, guidance, comfort, healing, and inspiration you seek.

Learn how to let go of the egoic thinking mind which often is worried, depressed, anxious, controlling, victimized, aggressive, and fearful.

Learn to connect with the Divine Presence of the Creator/God/Source/the Universe within you and to live as your Soul Self.


My personal journey has been a very deeply healing one. I have learned much from my personal relationships, readings with others, many classes, my own inner guidance, and the teachings of Spirit.

I believe we are all here to learn to love ourselves and others and to live as our authentic true Soul Self in partnership with Spirit.

I am learning that I can love people deeply (on Earth and in Spirit) without needing and believing others are the source of my self-worth, love, happiness, and inner peace - even if we are family or friends.

I am learning to have greater love and forgiveness for myself, express my needs, take care of myself, and seek healing.

I am learning that I am not responsible for how another adult lives their life. I am not their caretaker. We each have Free Will and are responsible for what we think, feel, say, and do which contributes to our happiness or unhappiness.

I choose to be willing to accept the past, present, myself, and others.

I choose to focus on the present with gratitude and not to worry so much about the future. I ask for help doing so.

I am learning about some of the main ways the ego sabotages us using the 4 Control Dramas as described by James Redfield, along with Codependence and Narcissism and how to heal these aspects within me and to not engage in them when in relationship with others.

I am learning to live in the present moment peacefully with joy and appreciation for what is and to allow myself to be guided in each moment by my Higher Self and Spirit.

I am learning how to let go of resistance, pain, blame, anger, fear, hurt, and suffering, to be the most I can be, and to live my best life.

Through acceptance and a willingness to heal, I set myself free to truly live.

I am learning to let go of perfectionism and to love and accept myself fully and to heal those parts of me that need love, gentleness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, growth, and healing.

I am also learning to create the inner stillness needed to recognize the love of my family, friends, and pets in Heaven and the love, peace, and guidance of my own Soul and Divine Spirit.


Divine Spirit and I invite you to work with us on a regular basis to help you receive guidance, connect with loved ones and pets in Heaven, and to create your best life!

Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels, our Souls, and I help you to be your most so you can live the life you deserve, desire, and are destined for.

Experience greater self-love, joy, peace, loving relationships, abundance, health, and power by healing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain.

Spirit and I help you identify and easily release your suffering. Your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions contribute to your wellness or dis-ease.

I listen closely as you describe your concerns. I then provide loving, wise guidance and empowering information from Spirit for your whole well-being.

We help you access compassionate Divine knowing, understand and lovingly release causes of your pain, shift, transform, be empowered, and heal.

To live your highest and best life, participate in the session ready to move forward, rather than denying, blaming, resisting, demanding or being victim.

The love, full support, guidance, and power of the Universe is ready and available to assist as you take responsibility, learn, grow, change, and heal.

I have been working intimately with Spirit's teachings for many years to help me create significant, positive life changes and profound, deep healing.

Spirit and I assist you to being your most and living your best life when you are dedicated to personal growth and applying Spirit's truths to your life.

The group of Spirit Guides I work with help you to focus positively, choose wisely, own your power, and follow the guidance of your Soul and Spirit.

We guide you to connect with God/Creator, your Spirit Guides, and your Soul to create your heart's desires and for the Grace and Blessings you seek.

Spirit and I look forward to helping you with your personal growth and spiritual transformation so you may live your full potential as a Divine Being!

Enjoy reading the beautiful, inspired channeled writing I have received from Spirit on MY CHANNELED WRITING WITH SPIRIT.

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