This new age we are now living is intended to help us all remember to go within, rest and restore ourselves. We are here to heal emotional wounds and deepen the connection with our Soul and Spirit for the Divine love, peace, joy, guidance, healing, prosperity, comfort, power, intuition, inspiration, and Truth we seek which is within each of us as part of the Creator. We are here to live and express ourselves as the powerful, joyful Divine Love and Light that we are!

Our Soul chose to be here at this time to make a difference and to create a better New World. We are to realize ourselves as Divine Beings created by God/Source/Creator, to remember how to live our Spiritual Mastery, and to live in Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, and Equality in partnership and interdependence with our Soul, Spirit, and one another.

We are learning to live with as much Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion, and Forgiveness as we can for ourselves and others. We act and speak unconsciously most of the time. We unintentionally hurt ourselves and others. We create and experience unnecessary pain and suffering. Be willing to become self-aware, have compassion, and forgive. Be mindful. Carefully choose to live as your Soul guided by Spirit and be aware of what you say, do, think, and feel.


Prior to birth, your Soul chose a plan for this life to progress spiritually. Your Soul carries the gifts, talents, abilities, strengths, wounds, challenges, conditioning, and experiences of your past lives, your family, and ancestors. During a Private Reading, you may ask to know the type of work, life path, gifts, potentials, and some of the concerns your Soul chose prior to being born to develop, enjoy, heal, and share with others in this lifetime. Your Soul resides within you as Higher Consciousness. It is the part of you that continues on when you pass to the next world after physical death.

Most of the time, you unconsciously follow the direction of your fearful, negative ego which causes much pain and suffering until you sincerely want to release life's dramas, take responsibility for your part, and truly feel better. By learning to lovingly relax the ego and help it heal, you are more able to release the dramas the ego creates and let go of difficult, unwanted thoughts and painful feelings.

We assist you to connect with your Soul and live supported by Spirit. You will discover there is a loving Higher Power guiding you and the Universe. As you connect with your Soul, you begin to trust, surrender, and allow Spirit to guide you. When you merge with this magnificent Divine Presence within and around you, life becomes more joyous, wonderous, magical, and amazing than you could ever imagine! It is how life is meant to be lived when you connect with your Soul and Spirit.

Sincerely ask, be open and willing to receive, become still, go within, connect with the love, peace, wisdom, and healing of your Soul and Spirit, receive and accept your Soul's Divine guidance, learn, grow, heal, accept the things you cannot change, and have the courage to make the changes and shifts you can to move forward to live your Soul's highest potential. When you live guided by your Soul and Spirit, you will be amazed at the wonderful transformations in yourself, your relationships, work, and in your life.

The Soul's eternal journey takes place through many lifetimes. It helps you awaken from loneliness, unworthiness, confusion, and the illusion that you are separate from the Creator. You realize there is more to life than what you have experienced under the control and advise of the ego. As you choose to raise your consciousness into a Higher vibration, Divine love leads you and supports you in your healing, awakening, spiritual transformation, ascension, enlightenment, and awareness of your oneness with all.

We are learning to seek and recognize the "I AM THAT I AM" which is the Divine Spark of God that is within all of us. Our Soul and Spirit guide us as the often subtle, still, small Voice within us. Our Soul guides us through our psychic senses of Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), Claircognizance (knowing), and Clairvoyance (seeing), along with the amazing, magical synchronicities and assistance of the Universe to help us on our Earthly journey.

Spirit loves, informs, supports, and guides our spiritual development, Soul's evolution, and life journey. We are learning to how to blend our masculine and feminine sides and to dissolve lifetimes of false beliefs in separation, unworthiness, limitation, lack, victimization, pain, suffering, drama, control, victimization, and resistance to growth and change.

As our Souls evolve, we can bring about massive changes on earth, within humanity, and the way we all live so that we may overcome lifetimes of limitations and live our Spiritual mastery as Divine Creative Spiritual Beings! It is the purpose and destiny we have all come here to remember, create, and enjoy living!

No matter what happens, you are always loved, guided, and supported by your Soul, Spirit, and God. No one can take away or control the Love and Light of your Soul unless you give them your Power. You are a child of God. Live in Peace. Go within the stillness and silence for the Divine love, peace, joy, guidance, healing, prosperity, comfort, power, intuition, inspiration, and Truth you seek.


I look forward to offering you wise guidance from Spirit regarding your concerns and connecting you with the beautiful Souls of your beloved family, friends, and pets in Heaven.

Enjoy reading the beautiful, inspired channeled writing I have received from Spirit on MY CHANNELED WRITING WITH SPIRIT.

I hope you benefit from reading MY CREED FOR DAILY LIVING.

These are some of the important life lessons I am learning that I trust will help you as well on I AM LEARNING.

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