"It is my sincere belief that the channeling phenomenon is far more widespread than we realize. Far more men, women and children throughout history have accessed this higher source than we can imagine.

There are infinite possibilities of acquiring wisdom without having consciously learned the information. The human potential is more vast and timeless than our limited perception can acknowledge.

I believe that many human experiences are in truth channeling, but are commonly called by other names.

Channeling can occur when actions or communications come that are not actually originating from the individual.

An artist who paints and finds that the picture seems to have painted itself, a dancer who dances on 'automatic', a teacher who presents material that is unplanned or unexpected, a healer who takes actions not previously learned - these examples and others suggest a form of channeling."

- Kahlil Gibran, Poet, Artist and Inspirational Author of "The Prophet"



In my definition, channeling is the natural act of making a direct connection with the spiritual realms with your consciousness or awareness (whether you are aware of it or not).

It's when you allow your Higher Self and Higher Consciousness to flow through you. A person who does this is called a channel.

Receiving inspiration and intuition is a form of channeling. Any creative activity where you are focused with an inspired higher mind is channeling.

There is a sense of love, peace, comfort, empowerment, confidence, clarity, expansiveness, knowingness, and happiness when you are channeling as you are connected to God/Source, the Universe, Spirit Guides, the Angels, and your Divine Self, Higher Self, or Soul.

Everyone has the ability to reach a heightened state of awareness with desire, intention, practice, and learning. You may have experienced expanded awareness, talent, ability, or knowing when you are doing something you love.

You will often feel more loving, clearer, wiser, and inspired. This heightened state of expanded awareness from connection with the Divine is often referred to as inspiration, creativity, being in the zone, and going with the flow.

You often connect with the spiritual realms when you sleep, pray, daydream, feel inspired, invent, create, commune with nature, play an instrument, walk, drive, relax, meditate, write, ponder, speak, problem solve, intuit, use your imagination, excel at something, and practice mindfulness, among other things. It is a beautiful, natural act of connecting with Spirit.



When I give PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING or MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN Readings, I relay to you the guidance and messages Spirit is telling me, showing me, and making me feel. I receive words, thoughts, pictures, and feelings of inspiration and guidance which come from a blending of my Soul or Higher Self and Spirit Guides. I then tell you what I am seeing, feeling, and hearing from Spirit.

By attuning with Higher Consciousness, I expand my awareness and bring through Divine Spirit.

It is a sacred, intimate, and often life-changing conversation between you and Spirit.

The Spirit Guides I offer guidance from through conscious channeling are highly evolved. They help us know ourselves as loving spiritual beings and to live empowered while consciously connected to Source as our Soul here on earth.

I am a trustworthy channel of high integrity, honesty, responsibility, and many years of experience.

I have given thousands of private readings since 1998.

The conscious channeling that I offer is somewhat similar to Esther Hicks (who channels Abraham), Suzanne Giesemann (Sanaya), Sanaya Roman (Orin), Pat Rodegast (Emmanuel), and Grace Cooke (White Eagle).

As you speak openly with the Spirit Guides about your concerns, you will receive guidance and loving, empowering messages from Spirit.

Your heart knows Truth when you hear it.

There is often a feeling of great love and compassion for you as the Guides speak. Their words resonate with your Soul.

Our sincere desire is for you to have a positive experience - one that brings self-empowerment, guidance, comfort, understanding, peace, hope, and healing.

The Guides assist you in knowing your Divine True Self worth and potential, to live as your Higher Self or Soul, to express love, and serve others.

Spirit supports you in your growth, understanding, healing, and enlightenment.

The Spirit Guides do not represent any one religion, dialect, or culture. They desire to help all who sincerely seek their wisdom.

The Guides I consciously channel represent and work for the Divine Consciousness which is the Spirit of God within all of us. It is who we really are - our True Self.

PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING is best received if you truly desire to learn, grow, heal, and co-create your life with the help of your Soul, Spirit, and the Universe.

You will be assisted in raising your consciousness or awareness so you may live more fully empowered as your Soul now here on earth.

The Guides lovingly and gently help you to look at yourself with love, honesty, and responsibility and to understand things on a deeper level spiritually.

You may feel gentle shifts and healing during and after the session to assist you in being your most and creating your best life.

The Guides want you to remember your true nature. You are an eternal Divine spiritual being. You are a powerful Soul.

The Spirit Guides help you to live as your Divine Self and step out into your greatness!

The group of Guides that I offer guidance from are known for their love, accuracy, honesty, and wisdom. The Guides enjoy responding to your questions and do so with gentleness and compassion.

Only high-level spiritual beings are allowed into my energy field.

The Guides are neither strictly male nor female, but more often are a group of Guides speaking as one.

The Spirit Guides ask you to focus on their message, rather than who they are or where they are from. They have said their guidance is what is important.

You will likely experience their love, compassion, and sincere desire to help you, along with their greater wisdom, understanding, and patience.


Spirit Guides are messengers or helpers for God/Source. They have often lived many previous lives and have chosen and earned the privilege to serve.

Some Guides may act as a doctor, teacher, protector, joy guide, or doorkeeper to the higher realms for you. They offer their talents, skills, knowledge, and presence to be of help to those they assist.

Guides may be your family and friends who have passed, but more often they are people you have known from previous lifetimes, Ascended Masters, Spiritual Teachers, and other wise, loving spiritual beings.

Spirit Guides have different areas of expertise. The Guides are still learning and growing just like we are. We are all continually evolving - those of us here on Earth and those in Spirit.

Spirit Guides are usually more spiritually evolved than the ego personality of the person they serve. They administer guidance, protection, assistance, information, healing, comfort, and knowledge.

You have at least one Guide, also known as a Guardian Angel, who is with you throughout your life, but usually there are many Guides assisting you.

Some Spirit Guides serve one person for their entire life. Other Guides serve only for the time they are needed. Like attracts like so those of the same intention on Earth are brought together with those in Spirit.

Channeling authentic high level guidance re-connects you with God/Source, the Universe, Spirit Guides, the Angels, and Your Higher Self or Soul. Channeling helps you to remember who and what you really are. You are a magnificent, powerful spiritual being!


I call the group of Spirit Guides that I channel "Divine Spirit" or simply "The Guides". Divine Spirit is a blending of my Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self with Spirit Guides who work in service for God/Source and who represent the Divine Consciousness.

Divine Spirit consults and works with your Spirit Guides and your Soul in the reading.

The Guides are often able to see things from a wiser, broader perspective. They accurately explain what is going on within you, others, and in life situations so you can understand things at a deeper level and decide what to do.

As you discuss your concerns with the Guides, they empower you to be your most and help you to create your best life.

Divine Spirit offers insights, teachings, and messages for your spiritual growth.

The Guides will ask questions to help you know your own inner wisdom, self-worth, and personal power.

Sometimes it helps to receive input from a trustworthy channel to compare to your own inner guidance, especially during stressful times when it is often difficult to hear the still, small voice of Spirit within yourself.

Your questions create the direction and focus of your conversation with the Guides.

Your heart knows Truth when you hear it. There is a feeling of great love that comes as the Guides speak. Their words resonate with your Soul.



God/Source, the Universe, Spirit Guides, the Angels, and Your Higher Self or Soul will speak to you in the language you are most familiar with. They will use your vocabulary, ways of speaking, frame of reference, experiences, gifts, and even your humor so you can recognize their guidance and information.

Whether you realize it and whether you believe it or not, you often "channel" or receive spiritual communication, guidance, and information from God/Source, the Universe, Spirit Guides, the Angels, and your Divine Self, Higher Self, or Soul through one or more of your six psychic senses.

Everyone is psychic and channels to varying degrees. Through education and practice, you can improve your psychic abilities.

If you would like to learn more about your psychic gifts, enjoy this article I wrote: "YOUR PSYCHIC IMPRESSIONS".



Many people often ask me how long I've been doing this. The answer is, my whole life. My earliest memory of communicating with Spirit is around age 7 when I remember speaking to my Spirit Guide with my younger brother Greg who was age 5 in our bedroom at night.

Many nights after dinner, my brother Greg and I would sit in the dark on the floor of our bedroom with the door closed and wait for "Mr. Frog" (my Spirit Guide) to come.

The way the street light illuminated our bedroom curtains created a shadow on the curtains that as I child I thought looked like a frog.

As I stared at the frog shaped shadow on the curtain, I intuitively used it as a focal point and became lightly transfixed or entranced which means my state of consciousness would slightly alter.

When I felt the presence of Spirit in the room, I would tell my brother that "Mr. Frog" (my Spirit Guide) was here.

My brother Greg would ask me, "Gayle, what is Mr. Frog saying?"

My young, open mind became gently and lovingly overshadowed, blended, inspired, influenced, or one with Spirit. This allowed me to channel simple messages from our Spirit Guide "Mr. Frog".

At age 7, I would easily and naturally consciously channel simple messages to my brother from Spirit.

When I was 58, I had a deep, full trance channeled reading from a highly respected and ethical woman. In a fully entranced reading, the medium has absolutely no memory of what is said by Spirit Guides as they speak through her to the client when the reading is over.

I actually spoke directly with the Spirit Guide St. Germain for the very first time who is an Ascended Master and World Teacher. St. Germain was speaking directly to me through the medium while she was in full trance. I asked St. Germain who "Mr. Frog" was and if I was truly channeling at age 7.

St. Germain said I was indeed conscious channeling at age 7 and it was him who I was connecting with that I called "Mr. Frog" as a child.

St. Germain said that he was my Gatekeeper Spirit Guide. St. Germain also told me about 12 other Spirit Guides consisting of several Ascended Masters, an Archangel, and several Goddess Spirit Guides that were on my Spirit Team and were a part of the Council of Light (also known as the Ascended Masters or Masters of the Ancient Wisdom and formerly known as The Great White Brotherhood), who are assisting me, along with other Spirit Guides.

I was already consciously aware of 5 of the 13 Spirit Guides that St. Germain said are helping me in this lifetime.

I had met 5 of the Spirit Guides in my meditations and dreams over the years. St. Germain's information was great confirmation that my understanding of who some of my Spirit Guides were was true.

The Ascended Masters of the Council of Light are enlighted mystics of great power and knowledge. Some of them were human beings at one time, but who help the spiritual development of the human race from the higher spiritual realms.

Some of those who are part of the Council of Light in service to mankind are Sunat Kumara, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, St. Germain (whose name means holy brother), Moses, St. Francis, El Morya, Lord Maitreya, Confucius, Kwan Yin, St. John the Baptist, Enoch, Paul the Venetian, Koot Hoomi (a/k/a Kuthumi), Hilarion (a/k/a Paul of Tarsus), Metatron, Serapis Bey, Lord Lanto, Lady Nada, Athena, Isis, and other loving, devoted, enlighted beings.

From Wikipedia - "An Ascended Master has regained full union with his 'Mighty I AM Presence' (God Self) and ascended...

(The Ascended Masters) acquired the Wisdom and Mastery needed to become Immortal and Free of the cycles of 're-embodiment' and karma, and have attained their 'Ascension'...

There are sixty Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, defined as beings who have reached the Fifth Level of Initiation or above...

The use of the term 'white' (brotherhood) refers to their advanced spirituality (in other words, that they have a white colored aura) and has nothing to do with race...they are from all cultures and races...(and include women)...

A 'Chohan' (Lord) of a 'Ray' is an Ascended Master who has been placed in charge of one of the 12 'Rays'...

A 'Ray' is a concentrated stream of spiritual energy emanating, ultimately, from the Godhead. Each 'Ray' is the embodiment/expression of one of the 12 great God-Qualities, such as Divine Will, Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, etc. The 'Chohans (Lords) of the Rays' thus constitute a special grouping of Ascended Masters (Sixth Level Initiates)...

The colors of new age and solar rays are (in order): 1 blue (power of faith); 2 yellow (obedience); 3 pink (beauty; geniality); 4 white (ascension; peace; light); 5 green (nature); 6 red (true resurrection); 7 violet (New Age of Master Saint Germain); 8 turquoise (lucidity); 9 magenta (divine wonder; justiciars); 10 gold (materialization of wealth); 11 orange (sunshine); 12 Opaline (renewal)...

This knowledge is believed to have previously been taught for millions of years only within "Ascended Master Retreats" and 'Mystery Schools'..." (end Wikipedia)

St. Germain said I chose these particular 12 Spirit Guides from the Council of Light, in addition to him as my Gatekeeper, prior to this incarnation and they agreed to work with me to help my Soul progress spiritually in this lifetime. We all have many Spirit Guides that work with us and help us.

St. Germain said he made his presence known to my brother and me when we were young children and were very open to Spirit communication in order to let us know he was with us and to help my doubting brother believe in spiritual things more as he went forward in life.

This is all true. I have not embellished any of it. We all have Ascended Masters, Angels, and Spirit Guides helping us. Your partnership with your Soul and Spirit Guides is waiting for you to discover, deepen, and enjoy. The Universe is always loving, guiding, and supporting us.

I had very little knowledge of who St. Germain was before my reading at 58 years of age in which I spoke directly with him for over 3 hours through the fully entranced medium I mentioned.

After doing some research online, I learned that St. Germain is also sometimes referred to as Master Rakoczi or Master R. He has been identified with the Count of St. Germain (fl. 1710-1784).

Wikipedia says, "As an Ascended Master, Saint Germain is believed to have many magical powers such as the ability to teleport, levitate, walk through walls, and to inspire people by telepathy, among always associated with the color violet, the jewel amethyst, and the Maltese cross rendered in violet...

St. Germain is also regarded as the 'Chohan of the Seventh Ray'...Saint Germain is sometimes called 'The Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius'..." (end Wikipedia)

St. Germain assists us to remember our True Self as a powerful, loving Divine being and to use our free will to dissolve all limitation and victimization. The Aquarian Age (he said begins in the year 2020) assists humanity in blending and balancing the male and female attributes within each of us as well as uniting our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. He represents and assists us with freedom, alchemy, justice, mercy, and world transformation.

St. Germain has had many earthly incarnations including as Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Bacon, Roger Bacon, Plato, Merlin (magician and counselor at King Arthur's Camelot), Saint Joseph (husband of Mary and father of Jesus), Samuel (11th-century BC religious leader in Israel), High priest in the civilization of Atlantis, and others.

Today, when I give readings, a lot of the guidance, information, and messages I share with people comes from loved ones in Heaven, Spirit Guides, and the Universe in the same blended or lightly transfixed way as it did when I was 7 years old. That is why you will often see me looking to the side of the person so I can stare at something to transfix as I blend with Spirit or I often close my eyes for a deeper connection with Spirit.

I am aware of what I'm saying and my voice does not change because I am conscious channeling or speaking inspirationally with inspired thoughts from Spirit. The guidance comes from my Higher Self, the client's Higher Self, and Spirit Guides. It's positive, loving, empowering, simple, comfortable, safe, and natural.

Be comforted in knowing that your Soul, the Universe, Spirit Guides, Angels, and I want to help you through every situation with love, joy, health, prosperity, peace, and understanding. Our sincere desire is for your happiness, healing, and personal growth.

Read about some of my psychic, mediumship, and channeling experiences growing up and how my gifts unfolded on ABOUT GAYLE.

I'm probably very similar to you in many ways. My story may be unique, but we're more alike than different as you'll soon find out.

We all have psychic abilities to varying degrees. Yes, you are psychic! With education, awareness, willingness, and practice, you can develop your psychic abilities further.

For more information on your psychic abilities, please see my article: YOUR PSYCHIC IMPRESSIONS.

Be sure to also check out my CLASSES & EVENTS at the top of this page.



Early into my spiritual development, I met several different Spirit Guides through my dreams. Some of my Guides I met in my meditation. I highly suggest everyone learn who their Spirit Guides are and learn to communicate with them. Our time on Earth is a partnership between us and Spirit. Our Guides love us and want to support us if we are willing to be open, ask, and receive their guidance.

My first formal introduction to channeling came when I was 24 years old and read in "Out on a Limb" about channel Kevin Ryerson channeling his Guides for Shirley MacLaine. I next became only vaguely familiar with Jane Roberts and her Guide Seth through a book. Later, I listened to some cassette tapes of Esther Hicks channeling her Guide Abraham. I then learned about Sanaya Roman who channels her Guide Orin through some wonderful meditation tapes and her book, "Opening to Channel". I then intentionally studied the work of many channels to learn from them.

I liked the idea of channeling because I wanted to be as close to my Guides as possible. I longed to connect with Spirit on a very deep and personal level, learn from them, and share their wisdom with others. I wanted to feel their love, support, and peace.

When I first started spiritual development classes at Delphi University in Georgia, I observed Marshall Smith (husband of Patricia Hayes) trance channel the great medium Arthur Ford. I was fascinated.

When I was about 43 years old, I studied Channeling at a Spiritualist Church for several years and then studied on my own for many years. I also taught Channeling Classes.

In the beginning, I was able to channel several different Spirit Guides one at a time. Later, I channeled the group of Guides that I have come to call "Divine Spirit. It is an exhilarating experience and still is every time I channel them whether verbally through inspirational speaking, counseling, teaching, or through inspirational writing.

I refer to the group of Spirit Guides who work with me as, "Divine Spirit". When I first asked them their group name, I received the words clairaudiently, "THE I AM THAT I AM."

I didn't know what that meant so I Googled the phrase in quotes and learned online that "THE I AM THAT I AM" is the Spirit of God within all of us. It is our Higher Self or Soul. It is God/Divine Consciousness.

I told my Guides that I thought it was an amazing and beautiful description, but too difficult for most people to understand and that it had too many words.

I told my Guides that I would refer to them as, "Divine Spirit" from then on.

Most of the time, my Spirit Guides and Soul often speak to me personally intuitively and clairaudiently. My Spirit Guides talk and Higher Self to me through channeled inspiration during the day, especially when I'm walking, but most often at night when I wake up, particularly if I can't fall asleep. I can always tell how good of a night sleep I've had by how many pieces of note paper I've written on during the night. If I don't write their guidance, wisdom, and inspiration down when it flows to me in my thoughts, I lose it. That's why I always carry paper and pen on me.

I never know when the inspiration from Spirit will come or what Spirit will say until it happens and it's so helpful, I don't want to risk losing it. I often need to absorb what they said later so I save the notes to review at a later time. I hope to share more of their words with you someday. I'm putting together a book of my Spirit Guides' inspired words.

There is a sense of knowing that comes with the words as I write them down or speak them in a reading as if the truth is being spoken. The guidance and information from Spirit has a wise, confident, peaceful, loving feeling. I feel the Guides' earnest desire to empower and support us.

NOTE: You can also see some of what Spirit has written through me in the link INSPIRING POEMS & QUOTES.

NOTE: Enjoy videos of me reading some of the Guides' profound messages on the MEDIA page.

Channeling is a process of stepping away from your ego and connecting with the broader sense of who you are - your own Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self and that of Spirit beings - which allows you access to the fullest expression of yourself.

My Spirit Guides and my Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self give me guidance about my own personal life as well as what to do for my business. The subject matter can range from personal growth, spiritual development, and practical matters in life or business.

I rarely have a night when I don't write something down and it's always very helpful and often profound. Sometimes what my Guides say to me is in response to things I have been wondering about or needing direction on. Other times, their words pertain to things I have never thought of myself. Often, I have to look up certain phrases or words online for their meaning.

Channeling my Spirit Guides and my Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self through inspirational writing started when I was in 3rd grade with a poem I wrote that seemed too mature for my age at that time. Some of the things Spirit writes through me are so loving, profound, and moving, it brings me to tears. Their words are often wiser than my own and my Guides are often more succinct in the way they say things. There is also a bit of a poetic quality to their wisdom.

I write the words down in a sort of dictation-style. There is an urging to write them down that seems to override my own thoughts and feelings temporarily. It feels good as I write for Spirit because when our energies are blended, I feel the Guides' presence, love, wisdom, and peace.

Be sure to enjoy the Inspiring Poems and Quotes by me, my Spirit Guides, and by others: INSPIRING POEMS & QUOTES.

The poems and quotes listed under the link above include writing I have channeled from my Spirit Guides. It will say it is "channeled" which means it's not my ego's thoughts. Channeled writings are the thoughts, wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration of my Spirit Guides and my Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self.



Some examples of Channels and their Guides are:

Esther Hicks (Abraham), Jane Roberts (Seth), Edgar Cayce (his Higher Self and Universal Consciousness or the Super-Conscious Mind), Gordon Higginson (for several Guides), Arthur Ford (Fletcher), Estelle Roberts (Red Cloud), Lenora Piper (Dr. Phinuit & others), Eileen Garrett (Uvani), Darryl Anka (Bashar), Doreen Virtue (Angelic Realm), Neale Donald Walsch (God Consciousness), Paul Selig (The Guides), Alice Bailey (Ascended Master Djwal Kul or D.K. or The Tibetan), Madame H.P. Blavatsky (for Mahatmas, especially the Ascended Masters Koot Hoomi or Kuthumi and El Morya), Kevin Ryerson (for several Guides), Sonia Choquette (the Emissaries of the Third Ray), Maurice Barbanell (Silver Birch), Helen Schucman channel of A Course in Miracles (Christ Consciousness), Pat Rodegast (Emmanuel), Grace Cooke (White Eagle), Eileen Caddy (the God within), Summer Bacon (Dr. Peebles), Lee Carroll (Kryon), Jach Pursel (Lazaris), Jani King (Ptaah), Karen Cook (Benu), Leslie Flint (for several Guides), Elwood Babbitt (for several Guides), Sanaya Roman (Orin), Duane Packer (Daben), Suzanne Giesemann (Sanaya), and Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers (Mentor).

Not all channeling is done through speaking or writing while in trance, inspired, or automatic. Some people allow the "deceased" to draw and paint through them producing exquisite works by the Masters when they channel such as Jose Medrado, Brazilian Trance Medium, who has painted for Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, Cassat, and others. Jose has painted mediumisticly masterpieces by well-known "deceased" artists in just minutes in front of an audience. I suggest you watch his videos on YouTube. They are fascinating and inspiring.

Another incredible channel was Rosemary Brown. She would mediumisticly "receive" new musical compositions for Master Composers such as Chopin, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, and Liszt who would dictate to her and talk with her. You can enjoy these channeled piano compositions by looking her up on YouTube.

There are also channels who possess the ability to provide spiritual healing for those near and far. British Spiritual Healer Harry Edwards was world renowned for his hands-on and distant healing. He helped thousands of people in his lifetime.

Harry gave credit to Spirit Doctors and his own Spirit Guides who he said worked through him. Harry believed that Lord Lister (the founder of antiseptic surgery) and Louis Pasteur (the famous French scientist) were some of his Spirit Guides. Many "deceased" people who were specialists in their field or doctors when on Earth also helped with his healing from Spirit. When working in trance, Harry often referred to his Guides and asked for their advice.

Channel John of God from Brazil has not only verbally channeled many entities at his healing center, he is also famous for the spiritual and physical healings and psychic operations he has performed through trance mediumship. Oprah Winfrey and Wayne Dyer both flew to Brazil to personally meet with this amazing man and to see his gifts. His channeling work with Spirit Guides has touched millions of people all over the world.

Spirit photographer and medium William H. Mumler was able to capture "deceased" loved ones, movie stars, and presidents in his portraits of people. His most famous photograph was for the wife of President Lincoln in which her portrait revealed President Lincoln standing with her. Naturally, that brought much comfort to the grieving Mrs. Lincoln.

Minnie Harrison of England was a channel who had developed her gifts to such a high degree that she could produce not only trance voice (allow Spirit Guides to speak through her), but she also had the incredible phenomena of direct voice (where Spirit people are heard by everyone in the room and the voices are not coming from the medium), apports (objects materialized during a seance), telekinesis (the movement of objects), spirit lights, and spirit writing (spirit people write on slate chalkboards and photographic film).

Minnie could also produce amazing full materializations with voice ("deceased" loved ones and Spirit Guides appear in the room fully materialized via the medium's ectoplasm for all to see, listen to, speak with, shake hands, and hug just like when they were on Earth).

The Spirit people in materialized form that Minnie Harrison brought through were intelligent, solid, natural, and exactly like living people, except for their clothing which looked more like white robes made of gauze. They smiled, laughed, and chatted with the seance sitters. Wonderful! You can find more information about Trance Channel Minnie Harrison and these astonishingly beautiful demonstrations of Spirit on the Internet. Oh how I wish I would have been able to sit with her during one of her seances back then!

Roy Dixon-Smith, a British career military officer, was a regular member of Minnie's seances and was able to hold his "deceased" wife's hand, speak with her, and even kiss her as she stood materialized before him. Amazing! You can read about his experiences on the Internet.

Trance Medium Daniel Dunglas Home of Scotland could cause tables to levitate without being near them, materialize phantom Spirit hands, elongate his body, and hold white-hot embers in his bare hands without injury. One particularly impressive feat performed by Daniel to demonstrate the power of Spirit was when he levitated outside the window of a three-story building, floated 70 feet above the street in mid-air, then he glided into the next room feet first and sat down. In over 1,500 seances, he was never caught in a hoax or exposed as a fraud.

If you still aren't impressed, check out the videos and photos online of Warren Caylor and Kai Felix Mugge who do physical phenomena seances and apport gemstones and other objects, along with direct voice mediumship. I was fortunate to have attended several of Warren Caylor's group seances and have had a private reading with his Guides. They were phenomenal!

In the Lily Dale Library in Lily Dale, New York, you can personally see a collection of all kinds of Spirit phenomena and pictures of the mediums who produced them. Some of the examples are portraits painted by the famous Bang Sisters while in trance, slate chalkboard drawings and handwritings from "deceased" loved ones, apports, and much more! Librarian Ron Nagy has done an excellent job documenting a lot of the library's artifacts in his books which are also sold there.

The list of various types of Spirit phenomena and the people who have demonstrated these incredible happenings is extensive. Some of these things have gone on for literally thousands of years. Have fun with it all. It's a wonderful journey if you choose to be open, curious, and receive. Exploring this field will change the way you experience the world. It's an exciting new adventure! I'm never bored. I'll say that.

This field is so inspiring, beautiful, and incredible. Share the good news - we never die and we are not alone - our Heavenly family, friends, pets, Spirit Guides, the Angels, Ascended Masters, and our Higher Self or Soul are loving, guiding, and supporting us always.

You have the Divine Spark within you.

Be your Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self to live your best life and to create Heaven on earth.



In addition to receiving guidance from your Spirit Guides, you may also receive support from God/Source directly and from your Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self. All kinds of help is available to you if you ask and allow.

Divine Spirit and I don't tell people who their Spirit Guides are. That is a personal journey we encourage you to make on your own. I can offer suggestions and resources for helping you to do that.

Some good ways you can meet your Guides and connect with your Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self are through meditations and dreams. Sincerely ask to meet your Guides in your dreams and meditations. Ask your Guides to let you know who they are and to show you they are with you. Ask them for guidance and support. Be still and listen.

You may experience your Spirit Guides and your Divine Self, Soul, or Higher Self as a sense of knowingness about a subject or problem you need knowledge on. You may experience your Guides and your Soul as comfort and peace during a difficult time.

You may feel sensations within your body or you may feel the loving touch of your Guide against your skin. You may smell a signature fragrance. You may hear your name called or other words spoken in your mind or spoken outside of yourself.

Open your heart and mind to them. Be willing to trust your Guides and your own Higher Self or Soul. Speak out loud or silently pray to them for assistance. Thank them for their service.

You do not have to know your Guides' names to connect with them. Simply trust and know they exist. They are with you whether you can recognize them or not. Share with them your questions, concerns, and joys.

Spirit Guides may have specific names or no name at all. More often, the Guides prefer to remain anonymous. They ask you to focus on their message only.

Some Guides don't present themselves as a particular personality. They prefer to be known as expressions of Love, Universal Energy, the Christ Consciousness, or something else, rather than as a particular person or spiritual being.

Many Guides also do not want to be identified with a dimension, spiritual level, or place other than to be known for the messages they bring to educate, empower, heal, and inspire you.



My desire in offering guidance from Spirit through consciously channeling is to help bring the love, guidance, support, and wisdom of the higher spiritual realms closer so you can be helped with your personal concerns, self-growth, and spiritual development.

When we come to earth, the veil of forgetfulness comes down so that we can be here in the present moment. Our Soul chooses this incarnation as the best environment that would most facilitate our learning and expansion. Sometimes, this veil of forgetfulness may cause us to feel separated from God and our Higher Self or Soul.

When you are having a difficult time, for whatever reason, take a moment to be quiet. Ask your Soul and Spirit Guides, "What is this here to teach me? How can I learn and grow?" Ask with sincerity and be truly open to receiving the guidance. In time, you will hear the Guides' wisdom and feel their love and support.

You may not hear your Soul's guidance or feel the love and presence of Spirit around you in that moment because you may be upset, but as you begin to relax, the guidance will come and the love from Spirit will comfort and uplift you.

It's important to be honest with yourself. Be willing to accept responsibility for yourself and for your life and be willing to change. Your Soul and Guides only want the highest and best for you. They will lovingly help you to be your most and to create the life you want to live if you are ready and willing to learn, grow, and change.

We are spiritual beings who have consciously chosen from a soul level to temporarily experience life in a physical body. While we are here, we can turn to and trust in the love of God, the support of the higher spiritual realms that serve God, and in our own Higher Self or Soul for guidance when we sincerely ask and allow. In doing so, we receive greater clarity, peace of mind, and understanding.

Divine Spirit and I look forward to helping you on your journey.

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Be sure to check out the condensed version of my autobiography. I hope it will help you on your own journey of personal spiritual growth and transformation. Learn how I developed my gifts.

Enjoy reading about my conversations with Spirit Guides, using the Ouija Board, working on a cruise line, meeting Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, and Shirley Jones, channeling Spirit, the fun music videos, personal photos, and more!


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