You are psychic! We all have some degree of psychic sensitivity whether we are aware of it or not. Your psychic abilities can improve and expand if you learn more about them and if you practice using them.

There is a Higher Power that is always loving, guiding, and supporting you. Trust and know that your Soul, the Universe, Spirit Guides, Angels, and your loved ones in Spirit are with you. Be comforted in knowing that this spiritual dimension has your highest and best interests in mind. Divine Spirit is aware of what is happening in your life and they want to help you.

You can use your psychic abilities to receive accurate, loving guidance and messages directly from your Soul, the Universe, Spirit Guides, and Angels and from your loved ones in Spirit in order to help yourself and to help others.

Your loved ones in Spirit, Soul, and Divine Spirit will speak to you in whatever ways they can reach you. They will use your vocabulary, frame of reference, experiences, and even your humor. How else would you recognize the messages they are sending you?

There is a sense of love, peace, comfort, empowerment, expansiveness, knowingness, and happiness when you are connected to God, Source, the Universe, Spirit Guides, Angels, your Higher Self or Soul, and your loved ones in Spirit.

When we come to earth, we often forget that we too are Divine.

We may feel lost, lonely, afraid, inadequate, powerless, unworthy, unloved, and separated from God/Source and from our own Higher Self or Soul.

In PRIVATE READINGS, I offer guidance, direction, clarity, and healing regarding your questions and concerns.

You may also receive guidance on additional areas and loving, healing connections with family, friends, and pets who have passed.

We are Divine beings who have chosen to temporarily experience life in a physical body. We can turn to and trust in the love of God or Source, the higher Spiritual Realms, and in our own wise Soul.


There is a Light that shines down from the Heavens.

It brings your Soul into your body for a short while.

Make time to feel the Presence, Love, and Power of God or Source.

Let the Light of God or Source and your own Higher Self or Soul guide you.

Sometimes it takes a real hardship, loss of a loved one, or other challenge to help us be willing to ask for help from a Higher Power and our Soul and to allow ourselves to receive the guidance, love, support, and healing that is always available to us.

The connection with Spirit does not need to come only in times of distress or loss.

Nurture and develop the spiritual connection within you always to live as your free Soul here and now.

You are a Soul, an eternal Divine spiritual being NOW.

You are already connected to your loved ones in Heaven and Spirit Guides NOW.

What is important is that you RECOGNIZE this. You don't have to try to "make the connection".

You have to ACCEPT you are already connected and ALLOW THE STATE OF RECEPTIVITY so you can communicate with those in Spirit and receive personal guidance and healing.

Often you will think of those in Spirit or receive psychic guidance "out of nowhere". THAT'S IT! That's the presence of loved ones in Heaven, Guides, and your own Soul.

ACKNOWLEDGE your loved ones or the personal guidance when it comes.

NOTICE their presence and the guidance. LOOK (usually an inner vision), LISTEN (usually thoughts that come to you OUT OF THE BLUE versus you thinking of them), KNOW (you don't know why you know, you just know), FEEL (tingling, touches, cool breeze), SMELL (perfume, cologne, cigarettes, flowers), AND TASTE (food, beverages, alcohol).

Speak to your loved ones in Spirit or Guides out loud or in your mind.

Feel their love for you.

LOOK, LISTEN, KNOW, FEEL, SMELL, AND TASTE whatever love, comfort, peace, understanding, healing, guidance, and messages that come.

Give thanks.

Some of the ways you can find greater comfort, peace, and communicate with your passed loved ones in Spirit, the higher Spiritual Realms, and your own Higher Self or Soul more often are when you focus on the present instead of the past or the future. Be willing and ask your Soul, loved ones in Heaven, and Spirit to help you.

To get into a state of receptivity, it is important to allow, surrender, relax, detach, observe, sleep (visitation dreams), pray, daydream, love, appreciate, trust, take a social media/tv/news/cell phone break, breathe slowly and deeply with awareness, heal, feel inspired, invent or create something, use your imagination or intuition, do artwork, write or journal, spend time in nature, play an instrument, walk, tai chi/yoga/knit/fish or another relaxing activity, hold a baby, pet an animal, care for the environment, help someone in need, participate in and support an organization you feel drawn to, love yourself and others, contemplate, observe, listen, say a mantra out loud or silently, practice mindfulness, and do guided or self-guided meditation. Do anything that is healthy and that inspires and uplifts you.

In doing these activities, you receive spiritual communication from loved ones in Spirit, intuitive spiritual guidance, higher wisdom from Spirit Guides and your own Soul, understanding, healing, comfort, peace, and messages through one or more of your six psychic senses.

You will often have a gut feeling of something or a sudden thought of someone in Spirit. You may hear your name being called inside your head or out loud, music playing at just the right time that is meaningful to you, receive synchronisities or coincidences, and see various signs such as electrical disturbances, billboards, license plates, special letters, numbers, and music that have meaning to you. Observe when pets, animals, insects, babies, and young children seem to be acting in an affected way. Notice moved or found objects such as coins, feathers, and flowers. These are all ways your loved ones in Spirit, Guides, and Soul communicate with you and support you.


Check and see which psychic abilities you are already using.

You may be claircognizant or intuitive and have an inner knowing about things. The information, idea, concept or thought "just comes to you" and has the feeling of "this is important". The knowledge you receive often flashes suddenly into your mind seemingly "out of no where". You may know who is on the phone before you answer it or know personal things about people you just met. You just know something, although you may not know why or how you know it because you didn't actually see or hear it. For example, you receive the thought of something, rather than the actual image of it.

You may be clairaudient and psychically hear sounds, words, sentences, thoughts, tones, music, bells, chimes, ringing, whooshing, buzzing, white noise sounds, songs, and other types of sounds or noises that "pop into your head". You may hear conversations as you fall asleep or wake up between people you may or may not see. These sounds and words are inaudible to the normal hearing range and most often seem to come from within your head or "out of nowhere". If you hear words, sentences or names, they may come to you as a thought, rather than as an actual sound. The sounds may seem as if they are faint or coming from a tin can or have an echo-like quality to them.


You may also be clairvoyant and see pictures flash in your mind's inner third eye as in-sights. These pictures come as a clear vision or they may be foggy forms hidden in a cloud. What you see may appear to be superimposed upon a solid object that's in front of you when your eyes are open or you may see the vision within your forehead when your eyes are closed. When the image is of a psychic origin and you aren't thinking it up yourself, the image is seen first and then thought about. It is usually not thought up and then seen.

You may psychically see a person, scene, object, lights, words, colors, auras, symbols, past lives, loved ones in spirit, visions of the past, present or future, and people or places in other spiritual dimensions and times. These pictures may appear as if you are viewing still photographs or they may be moving like a home movie. You may even feel you are actually in the scene you are seeing.

You may also be clairsentient and perceive information through a sensation within your physical body. You may get a "gut feeling" in your stomach of what to do or say. You may also get a "gut feeling" of what not to say or do. You may even sense the body aches and ill health of someone else not in the room in specific parts of your own physical body. You may also feel the emotions or personality of another person whom you do not know personally or who is not in the room. You may sense the presence of deceased people, pets, guides, and angels.

You may be clairgustant and psychically taste a substance, liquid or food without actually putting anything in your mouth.

You may also be clariscentrist and psychically smell fragrances, flowers, perfume or other odors such as tobacco or alcohol even when a substance or food is not in your immediate surroundings.

Remember to look, listen, and feel the psychic impressions that are all around you.

Your loved ones in Spirit, Soul, and Spirit want to love, guide, and support you. They want to help you feel their love, to be your best, and to create a joyful, peaceful, prosperous life!

When you live as your Soul, you are loving, peaceful, powerful, and whole.

You experience your Spirit and the Universe loving, guiding, and supporting you together in partnership.

Be your most and create your best life as your True Self - your Soul which is Higher Consciousness.

Know yourself as the magnificent Divine spiritual being you were created as!

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