I stop rushing and take slow, deep breaths. I choose to feel good. I choose to relax and create inner peace. Things will get done and unfold in the right way, in the right time. I let go and trust in Divine Order and Divine Timing.

I am safe. All is well. The world is working in our favor. Everything is happening for our highest good. Things usually turn out for the best. The past has happened. The future will work out as I focus on today. I enjoy the present. I focus on being here - not in the past or future with my thoughts. I celebrate life's journey and all it has to offer.

I am flexible, spontaneous, creative, playful, and joyful. I easily go with the flow while adapting to life's rhythms. I let go of the need for perfection in myself, in others, in my surroundings, and in life.

I have enough. I share what I have with others. All of our needs are met when we give freely from our hearts. I give with love and without thought of return knowing my help is appreciated in more ways than I can imagine.

I've done enough. I know enough. My best is enough. I am good enough. Others are good enough also. We are all worthy of receiving love. I forgive myself and others. I deeply love, accept, and honor myself and others.

I love others, but I am not responsible for how they live, how they feel, what they do, or how they experience life. Unconditional Love means we all have the right and the responsibility to choose for ourselves. I accept others as they are and allow them to make their own choices without judgment, expectations or "shoulds".

What often motivates people is the desire to love, to be loved, to feel safe, and to feel good. I do not take personally what others say and do. I understand and I am forgiving, compassionate, accepting, allowing, trusting, gentle, patient, and supportive - just as I want them to be with me.

We are all doing the best we are able and doing what we believe is right for us. Who is to say which way is best? We all learn and grow in our own way, in our own time, according to our own needs and desires and our Divine Soul Plan.

I don't always know what another person needs or came here to experience as a Soul wanting to learn and grow. They are responsible for deciding what is right for them. I let go of being their caretaker. I relax knowing we are all loved, guided, and supported by a Higher Power that is always with us.

Our thoughts affect how we feel, our relationships with others, and they help us to create our future. I let go of worry and any fearful, controlling, obsessive, impatient, critical, or negative thoughts, words, and actions. Being afraid doesn't feel good and it certainly doesn't help me or anyone else in the present or to create the future.

I assist myself and others by thinking and speaking positive words and hopeful outcomes. My uplifting thoughts, words, and actions show that I am trusting, faith-filled, and caring in a way that is truly helpful.

I focus on my own life and live it to the fullest. I am loving, happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, powerful, creative, and positive. I see the good in all people and in all things. When someone needs a helping hand, I ask if they would like assistance and easily give if it feels appropriate to do so.

Whenever someone or something challenges me, I humbly ask my Higher Self and Higher Power, "What is this teaching me about myself? What can I learn? How can I grow from this experience? How can I heal?" I willingly accept the inner guidance that I receive and become more loving, trusting, compassionate, and faith-filled.

I am learning to live the Serenity Prayer which says, "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Life brings us unexpected challenges to help us grow and evolve as a Soul. It is up to us to accept what is happening now and find appreciation in some way or change it if that is possible.

Things happen for a reason that I may not always understand. Whenever I am hurt, sick, afraid, unsure or need help, I sincerely ask for guidance and follow it with optimistic faith.

I give thanks to our Creator. I think, speak, and act with love, joy, and gratitude for my life. I focus on the present moment and my many blessings. I am grateful for the past and I look forward to the future.

When I think about the final time when I will lay my head down to rest, I am at peace knowing that I have done my best and that I will again be with those I love who await my arrival with open arms and gladdened hearts.

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The Guides and I look forward to speaking with you.

© 2021 Gayle Kirk

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