Would you like a message from family, friends, and pets in Heaven?

Enjoy a beautiful program full of inspiring, loving connections with those in Spirit.

I will provide mini-readings for as many people as possible.

You may be one of the fortunate people selected to receive an uplifting, healing message.

I allow your loved ones in Spirit to choose who comes through and what they say.

Be open to hearing from any person or pet in Heaven.

NOTE: Although the majority of the program will consist of messages from Heaven and possibly psychic guidance, not everyone will receive a personal message. However, you will likely find the connections and guidance healing and uplifting.

I will explain what to expect in a connection with loved ones from Heaven and how to get the most out of your experience.

I will set the intention and may play music before the mini-readings.

NOTE: To read more about what to expect and how to prepare, please see MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN.

FOR PROGRAMS LONGER THAN 1 HOUR, you may participate in a moment of silence to connect with your loved ones in Heaven to say any words left unspoken and to speak with Spirit about your concerns.

You may experience what it is like to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste messages and information from loved ones in Heaven and Spirit if time allows in the longer programs.

I will also answer some of your sincere, general questions that are also helpful to others about this amazing field.

NOTE: If you need more time and personal attention, please consider an in-depth, longer Private Reading for MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN and PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING & SOUL READING.

These are short mini-readings to assist as many people as possible.

Must be 18 YEARS OLD to participate.

Sorry, no infants, children, or animals permitted to attend.

Please turn off all cell phones, answering machines, TV's, and other noise-making devices.

Close window blinds and curtains if there is traffic outside or people walking by so I will not be distracted.

I will need a quiet room to sit in prior 15 minutes to the event.

I will arrive 15 minutes before the program begins.

Seating is best arranged in theater-style with all chairs facing me as much as possible.

Please set the air-conditioning high (around 69 degrees) as I get very hot during these programs channeling Spirit.

Please advise people to bring a sweater if they find the room is cool.

NOTE: NO ALCOHOL PRIOR TO OR DURING THE PROGRAM. No food during the program. It makes it more difficult for you to receive a message.

NOTE: No cameras and no audio or video recording devices please to respect everyone's privacy.

No posting via email, texting, social media, Facebook, or YouTube.

Please use the restroom prior to being seated. There will not be a break during the program.

NOTE: Sit with your family members. It helps your loved ones in Heaven to connect with you.

NOTE: Please arrive a bit early so we may start on time and give as many messages as possible.

Services provided are for entertainment purposes only. There are no guarantees implied or stated.

By participating, you understand and are agreeing to comply with the Change-Cancellation-Refund Policy and the DISCLAIMER.

If you are purchasing a ticket to an event or class with me through a different site or venue, any cancellation or refund policies will be deferred to the venue hosting me.

All payments are non-refundable, no exceptions.

NOTE: Please forward this link to everyone and ask them to read the full description so they will know what to expect and how to prepare.

NOTE: For more information see ABOUT GAYLE and CLIENT TESTIMONIALS and for videos of Gayle, please see MEDIA.




IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HOST THIS PROGRAM and are in Cary/Raleigh, NC or the surrounding area, please call or email me for prices and information.

50% is due by the host via credit card only when making the appointment.

The remaining 50% balance is due by the host via credit card only the day of the program prior to the event.

Minimum of 15 people is required. Everyone must be seated comfortably.

Maximum number of people to be determined at time of booking.

Host must provide setup and teardown, at least 1 clean restroom, plus enough parking and comfortable seating for all.

Host should provide 2 additional comfortable seats at the front of the room (1 for me and 1 for the person I will be reading when I call them up to the front).

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