"I recently completed my participation in a Channeling Group hosted by Gayle Kirk and I can honestly say it was one of the most lovely and inspiring spiritual group experiences I have ever had.

Gayle is completely grounded, kind, and brought her sense of humor and deep compassion to every member of our group, which served to nurture a trusting and intimate atmosphere.

The Guides with whom Gayle works are insightful, intuitive, wise, and endlessly loving. I felt a true sense of how beloved each person in our group really is and how eager the Guides are to help us on our journey to awareness and grace.

My questions were answered in a specific way as well as in a way that led me to think about my approach to my life more broadly. Each channeled message inspired me to be more flexible and forgiving toward myself and others and offered clear ways I can pursue the life I want.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share my life journey with other like-minded people and we all felt more connected and aligned after our time with Gayle and the Guides.

I would definitely recommend Gayle to anyone interested in experiencing a Channeled Reading. In addition to incredible insight and guidance, you will have a lot of FUN!!!"


You have been led here by your Soul and the Universe.

Be comforted in knowing that your Soul, the Universe, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, the Angels, and I will do our best for you.

Spirit loves to work with those who are earnestly and sincerely seeking to know themselves, grow, heal, and create their lives consciously.

Be willing to discuss your concerns. Describe what is happening.

Share your feelings knowing that Spirit is listening. Participate in the conversation.

Talk with Spirit Guides about relationships, love, career, money, health, family, children, pets, yourself, your life, and other areas.

Ask about things that are personal, sincere, and deeply important to you.

I psychically get pictures, words, and feelings channeled from Spirit to help you with questions about your life.

Receive PSYCHIC GUIDANCE, Divine wisdom, direction, clarity, understanding, encouragement, personal growth, and healing from Spirit.

Spirit empowers you to be your most and to create your best life.


We can look at potentials and possibilities for the future based on things now.

The future is not predetermined and may change.

You are helping create your life with your powerful beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

You can create a life of love, joy, prosperity, personal power, peace, and good health with your willingness and the help of your Soul and Spirit.

NOTE: Legal, investment, and medical information is not provided.


See yourself, others, and events from Spirit's loving, wise perspective to learn, grow, and heal.

Recognize, shift, and choose your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings for more love, joy, peace, prosperity, and health.

Spirit will ask questions to help you access your self-worth, personal power, inner wisdom, beliefs, and feelings.

Navigate life as a learning experience, successfully go through challenges, make changes, and receive the good when it comes.


I will bring us together by setting the intention for the highest and best for all to create a sacred healing space and invite Spirit to join us with their love, guidance, support, and healing.

I will play a short piece of music to set the intention and raise the energy of the group.

Everyone will chant "Om" a few times as a group.

You will then take turns asking 1 personal question, discuss your concerns, describe what is happening, and share your feelings about it.

Receive PSYCHIC GUIDANCE, Divine wisdom, direction, clarity, understanding, encouragement, personal growth, and healing from Spirit.

The guidance provided is often applicable to many in the group even though it is also specific to the questioner.

We will address as many concerns as possible.

During the program, I will also take time to answer some of your sincere, general questions about this amazing field.

The last part of the group experience will be for fellowship and friendly conversations with those in attendance.


The majority of the program will consist of Conversations With Spirit.

Although not everyone will be able to ask a personal question, you will likely find the program inspiring, informative, and healing.

These are short mini-readings. The Spirit Guides and I will keep the guidance brief to assist as many people as possible.

The messages, guidance, comments, and experiences of others help give you wisdom, comfort, and peace.

It's an amazing, uplifting, and memorable experience!

NOTE: Read more about how I got started as a child with channeling in this article I wrote: CHANNELING.

NOTE: Please do not ask about loved ones who have passed. It is not the focus of this group.

NOTE: If you need more time and attention, please consider a Private Reading for PSYCHIC GUIDANCE or MESSAGES FROM LOVED ONES IN SPIRIT.


Must be 18 YEARS OLD to participate.

Sorry, no infants, children, or animals permitted to attend.

Services provided are for entertainment purposes only. There are no guarantees implied or stated.

By participating, you understand and are agreeing to comply with the Change-Cancellation-Refund Policy and the DISCLAIMER.

If you are purchasing a ticket to an event or class with me through a different site or venue, any cancellation or refund policies will be deferred to the venue hosting me.

All payments are non-refundable, no exceptions.

NOTE: For more information see ABOUT GAYLE and CLIENT TESTIMONIALS and for videos of Gayle, please see MEDIA.



IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HOST THIS PROGRAM and are in Cary/Raleigh, NC or the surrounding area, please call or email me for prices and information.

Cost to be determined at time of booking depending on number of people, length of program, and travel time required.

All payments are non-refundable, no exceptions.

Host must collect payment or pre-pay for the program.

The minimum and maximum number of people for attendance will be determined at time of booking.

Everyone needs to be seated comfortably and the room must have good air-conditioning.

Host provides 2 chairs at the front of the room. 1 chair is for me and 1 chair should be next to me for the person I will be reading.

If possible, I would like my chair to be padded with arm rests.

I will need a table (smaller than a card table) next to my chair.

Host provides setup and teardown, at least 1 clean restroom, parking on-site or nearby, and comfortable seating for all.



"Gayle, your Group Channeling Sessions were completely fulfilling in every facet.

The guidance and wisdom from the Spirit Guides helped to part some of the mental clouding that had been hampering my progress for some time. The loving, heartfelt messages provided much needed clarity surrounding pending question marks in my life.

I got many things out of the weekly get-togethers, but one thing really resonated with me on the second Wednesday we got together. The Guides said something to me that I was already feeling on a deep, intuitive level and I felt like it was just the message that I needed to hear. It was about being time for this bird (meaning me) to fly. That has stuck with me ever since, as I've thought about it every day.

I also found it beneficial to connect spiritually with others in the group as their positive energy helped to create an atmosphere conducive with healing and growth.

The meditation practices were also highly medicinal. They helped me bind closer to Spirit and served as a nice reminder that I need to incorporate more meditation into my everyday routine.

Thank you for being the tour guide of this wonderful journey. Thanks again for everything."

"I attend church regularly and had always feared that doing work with a "psychic" was somehow contrary to what I had been taught.

Instead, I found the experience to be a deepening of a truth that already existed in my heart - to know, to access, to understand a calling, a longing, an understanding of a higher power both within and outside of myself. In other words, to hear from God-- and not in some sort of witchcraft/voodoo way, but in a way that made me feel like I had the answers all along and Gayle just illuminated them so they could be revealed.

In a Channeled Reading, Gayle channels voices from Guides who want to pave a pathway for our future guided by light and love.

She is grounded, wise, kind, and wants nothing more than to heal our aching souls."

"I love the energy shift when you're going into channel. It is so soothing, lovely, cozy, and lulling - the energy that comes in.

It just feels so welcoming and precious. It really does. It's heartwarming and precious. It reminds me of being in a rocking chair with my grandmother when I was a little girl and being totally enveloped in her. It felt really great."

"I thought it was very beautiful and I could have talked to the Guides all day. I think it's a beautiful dialogue. It's one that you want to relish and enjoy... I always kind of feel a channeled reading is like speaking to a trusted friend or adviser...Here you are pouring out your heart and feelings to this safe little cocoon that you're in and getting this wisdom back...I think it's quite beautiful.

On some levels, it's very powerful for us to remember that we always have this adviser that we can go to. We can go to it in our own thoughts, in our own dreams, in our own connection with Spirit, and in our own meditations. Having another channel to remind us of that helps.

Often times people are scared to come to it (Spirit) themselves. They say, 'Oh, I'm not special. I can't talk with Spirit. I need someone else to translate for me.' So they come to people like you to give them that and then when they get in the rhythm of that acceptance, then it's easier for them to hear their own thoughts in the shower or meditating or brushing their teeth. They're like, 'Oh, I should do this today. Okay.' You start to get the messages for yourself more clearly."

"My first experience with channeling was with Gayle last month. When she began channeling Spirit and the Guides addressed me, it was as if the Guides knew me even though she did not.

The wisdom that emerged from the session was so applicable to me. When I drove home, I felt renewed motivation about life in general and a deeper understanding of myself and my life purpose.

I participated in two hour-long group sessions and one month later I am still processing everything that came out of the session.

I especially loved the group setting because all six women in the group bonded and continued the conversation after the channeling was finished. Also, it was fascinating to see how each person's reading from Spirit had parallels in our own life. It was just beautiful! And so much fun."

"It was really very enlightening."

"The answers are always so simple when there's wisdom and that moves me.

So much about what we wanted to heal externally was internal for all of us. It was a very powerful, emerging theme."

"The Guides come across without the filters that a friend or a relative or a trusted person has. There's no added stuff. This is just your pure intention being delivered to you untainted in a loving and caring way so there's no baggage. It's really pure and informative.

Spirit comes across as being knowledgeable in every area and so specifically attuned and honed to you in that moment. What you're experiencing, there couldn't be a better adviser. There could not be a better, more perfect, or crystal laser-focused adviser for you."

"In some ways, I think a channeled message is way more powerful than a psychic message or an astrological reading even though I love getting those as well because it's so wise. A Channeled Session is so simple and pure and wise.

The energy of the intuitive or the psychic or the person giving the reading - you don't have that person's worldview. I mean I'm sure you do sort of. I'm sure on some level the Guides use the vocabulary that Gayle knows and they have to speak in a voice that Gayle knows, but it feels so objective. I find it invigorating. Talk about an affirmation of faith.

I had a Psychic Life Coaching Reading with you Gayle that was super productive and we had a great connection and I've used that. I feel like that reading is in place in my life. It was great. I would never take it back, but there's something about a channeled message where you're just like, my Beloved want's me to lie down when my back hurts. That's so awesome, not just that this cool lady in Boston named Gayle wants me to do it. My Beloved, all my Team, my Forever Team wants me to do it. It feels more expansive, not just like a regular psychic reading. It's beyond time and space."

"When I listened to the Group Channeling Sessions, I became quite relaxed and peaceful listening to the Spirit Guides' words and voice.

So interesting to hear your voice and the Guides' voices "blend" as you spoke for them.

I got a good visualization of you channeling in my mind's eye. The Spirit Guides sound so very wise and compassionate in both of the recordings that I listened to. The questions from the participants I could certainly relate to.

So wish to do this myself! I am enjoying being able to "listen in" right now. Looking forward to hearing more, Gayle. It is helping me in my spiritual practice too.

You are sharing something very meaningful with all of us. Be well and happy! Hugs to you."

"Although I have always been skeptical about readings, I have also always believed that there are truly gifted intuitives out there. The hard part is finding one. Gayle Kirk is one of the truly gifted.

My reading with Gayle was unlike any other I have experienced. I felt an immediate connection with her, as she is extremely warm and compassionate, and she enables you to feel completely safe and relaxed in her presence...

During my Channeled Reading, Gayle channeled Spirit Guides...with details that she could not have intuited on her own. It was at once chilling and healing and answered many questions that I have carried in my heart for years...

Thank you, Gayle, for sharing your gift with me and for helping me to see what I was not able to see before."

"Thank you again for everything! I had such a wonderful and eye opening time in the Skype Group Trance Channeling Sessions. Below is my testimonial. I look forward to readings with you in the future. Your clarity is beautiful and life affirming. Peace and blessings to you always.

I didn't know what to expect of the Group Channeling Sessions through Gayle via Skype, but had an open mind and was excited for the experience.

Gayle's introduction and step by step instructions where clear and concise. Gayle's personality and demeanor is caring, open, fun and trusting. She is definitely someone you would want to hang out with.

During the three channeling sessions I participated in, there was a palpable energy shift in the room (even with thousands of miles between us) that was comforting, nurturing, and calm as Spirits began channeling through Gayle. I felt as if I was being enveloped by a cozy blanket.

I was with a small group. We were each asked to prepare 1-2 questions for Spirit each session. The more personal and thoughtful the question the better. I was amazed by how, even though I knew only one other person in this group, our questions all had a similar thread. I was even more amazed at how Spirit's answers were for all of us in the group even though specific to the questioner.

There is a big difference between Gayle and how she is when channeling Spirit. Gayle becomes a wonderful vessel for a Spirit collective to communicate through.

During this process, her mannerisms shift and her voice changes...taking on an accent with such a combination of tones that it is hard to connect it to a region, but very easy to understand and quite pleasant to listen to.

My group was asked to chant Om until Spirit had completely settled in and greeted us with "Hello". Then we could address Spirit one by one with our questions.

We were also told (at the beginning) not to ask Spirit about friends or relatives who have passed on as this was not the focus of our group. At the end of our second session, however, my Uncle Joe made an "appearance" with a reminder of a time when he helped me tie my shoes as a little girl and greetings to my mother who he is very proud of. I was completely surprised by this. No one in the group knew I had an Uncle Joe until that moment.

All of our questions were thoroughly and thoughtfully answered clearly and simply. I felt satisfied and comforted by the answers I received and have incorporated the suggestions given in my daily life.

In many instances I felt the answers Spirit gave released me from a self imposed burden that I had not previously recognized as false.

This was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone wanting real actionable answers/advice to the questions they are facing. Love and Light to you!"

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