"One of the best readings I've had since I started over 20 years ago.

She is direct and honest, compassionate and highly skilled. Excellent insights and guidance.

Most helpful in allowing me to see my purpose and life's work for this next period. Extremely helpful and very gifted, with connections with loved ones that come from knowing and links to Spirit.

She is one of the best psychics I've consulted and I strongly recommend you try her.

Many thanks, Gayle. You're a treasure!" - A.E.

In this reading, I combine my psychic, mediumship, and channeling abilities to provide the BEST READING EXPERIENCE for you!

Psychic Life Coaching is a sacred, intimate, and often life-changing conversation between you, me, our Souls, and loving, wise spiritual beings of a higher dimension.

Gayle WITHOUT YOU SAYING ANYTHING, I start the reading by providing information about you and your life.

I use my psychic, mediumship, and channeling abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing to offer accurate guidance and messages from Spirit.

Spirit is aware of what is going on in your life and is loving and supporting you.

As you discuss your concerns, goals, and desires with me and the Guides, we empower you to be your most and help you to create your best life.

If this is your first time having a reading, you can feel safe and comfortable with me.

My desire is for you to have a positive experience.


Spirit Guides and I are happy to discuss most any concerns, goals, or desires you may have.

You may ask questions about you, your life, and those you love.

Ask about yourself, relationships, love, career, money, health, family, children, pets, and other areas.

Ask for suggestions regarding your spiritual development and personal growth.

yellowrosesingle Spirit Guides and I are often able to perceive directly into the heart, mind, body, and soul of you and those you love.

The Guides and I accurately describe what is going on within you, others, and in life situations so you can understand things at a deeper level and decide what to do.

We help you to lovingly look at any patterns, blockages, or beliefs that may be preventing you from moving forward in your life, work, finances, relationships, health, well-being, and from connecting with your own Soul and Divine Spirit.

Psychic Life Coaching is focused on self-empowerment and personal responsibility, rather than on just predictions.

We can look at the potentials and possibilities for the future, based on how things look right now, but realize the future is not predetermined.

You help to create your life with your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and beliefs.

Spirit and I assist you in moving forward with the help of the Universe. It is a deep, self-empowered reading experience.


pinklotusflowerYour heart knows Truth when you hear it. There is a feeling of great love that comes as you receive wisdom from the higher realms of Spirit. Their words resonate with your Soul.

You will likely experience the Guides' love, compassion, and sincere desire to help you, along with their great wisdom, understanding, and patience.

Our intention is to guide, educate, empower, uplift, and help heal.

As a result, you may feel gentle, loving shifts and healing during and after the session.

You will be assisted in being your most and living your best life.

Don't wait another moment to be all you can be!

Remember your true nature. You are an eternal Divine spiritual being.

You are a powerful co-creator of your life.

Spirit and I help you to live as your Soul and step out into your greatness!


I call the group of Spirit Guides that I channel, "Divine Spirit" or simply "The Guides".

Divine Spirit is a blending of my Soul with Spirit Guides who work in service for God, Source, the Creator, or Divine Mind (however you define Infinite Spirit).

The Guides I work with represent Divine Consciousness which is the Spirit of God within all of us. It is who we really are - our True Self - our Higher Self - our Soul.

During the reading, I am in a raised, elevated state of consciousness while blending my Soul with Spirit. My voice and mannerisms do not change. I am speaking with you as my Higher Self and on behalf of the Guides. It is a loving, wise, and inspiring conversation.

newangel The Guides I work with are loving, compassionate, and highly evolved.

They help us to know ourselves as spiritual beings and to live as our Higher Self or Soul here on earth.

The Guides and I assist you in knowing your Divine Self worth and potential, to express love, and serve others.

Divine Spirit supports you in your growth, understanding, healing, and enlightenment.

The Guides and I consult and work with your Spirit Guides and your Soul in the reading.

The Guides and I do not represent any one religion, dialect, or culture. We desire to help all who sincerely seek support.

My reading is loving, uplifting, and healing. It is spiritual, but not religious.


pinkflowerscurvingover Spirit Guides are messengers or helpers for God/Source/Spirit. They have often lived many previous lives and have chosen and earned the privilege to serve.

Spirit Guides have different areas of expertise. The Guides are wise, but they are still learning and growing just like we are. We are all continually evolving - those of us here on earth and those in Spirit.

The Guides are neither strictly male nor female, but more often are a group of Guides speaking as one.

The Spirit Guides ask you to focus on their message, rather than who they are or where they are from. They have said their guidance is what is important.


NOTE: General questions like, "What do you see for me?" or "What do my Guides want me to know?" or "Are there any messages for me?" or "What can you tell me about my job, marriage, or kids?" usually get very general answers.

Try to be more clear about what it is you wish to know.

tulips NOTE: For 30 Minutes Readings, please have ready approximately 4 specific questions about several different areas of your life that you would like guidance, clarity, and direction on. Please have 5 to 7 specific questions for longer readings.

I don't give general readings.

Please have ready a list of specific questions about several different areas of your life.

NOTE: Psychic Life Coaching requires your participation in the conversation for you to receive the best results.

Be willing to talk openly and honestly with Spirit and me about your concerns, challenges, hopes, and desires.

I will get accurate pictures, words, and feelings from Spirit to help you.

NOTE: I am unable to extend a reading if you need more time. Please book a longer session if you think you may need more time.

Your questions create the direction and focus of your reading.

Spirit Guides offer insights, teachings, and messages for your spiritual growth.

I may ask questions to help you to know your own inner wisdom and self-worth.

The Guides and I are honest, but gentle.

We try not to worry or upset you.

It is our intention to leave you feeling hopeful and empowered.

Please do not give me your questions prior to the reading.

The number of questions that can be asked in a reading depends on you having specific questions ready prior to the reading, the depth of the answers, the length of the session, and whether there are also Messages from Heaven.

Rest assured the Guides and I will not tell you if or when someone is going to pass, whether someone has a life-threatening condition, if someone is having an affair, whether someone was abused, how to invest your money, if you should get a divorce, the sex of an unborn child, the father/mother of a child, where to find lost people/pets/objects, and who or if someone is responsible for taking another person's life.


pinkflowerheart Please be alone, in a quiet place, where you will be uninterrupted by people, children, pets, dogs barking, birds chirping, wind blowing, TV, lawn mowers, telephones, traffic, shuffling papers, coughing, and other noise.

Have someone else watch your young children and babies so it will be quiet and you will be able to participate without distraction.

Please don't have others "listening in" on your reading or Spirit will get information and messages for them as well which will confuse things and take away from your time with the Guides and me.

The Guides and I don't tell people who their Spirit Guides are. The relationship between you and your Guides is for you to develop with them.


sparklestar I also offer Numerology to help you to learn about the personality, Soul life purpose, and unique gifts, talents, strengths, abilities, and challenges of you, your partner, and your children, at no extra charge.

Numerology is especially helpful in understanding yourself, your relationship with others, and for determining which type of job or career path is right for you and for young people who are just graduating.

Learn about the strengths, challenges, direction, and themes of this current year and this period of life you are in. Knowing your numerology assists you in making good choices.

NOTE: Please let me know if you would like Numerology when we start the reading.

Allow approximately 10 minutes for each person studied using Numerology.

In order for me to do Numerology on you or another person, all I need is the birth date (not time or place) and the exact spelling of the person's full birth name (including middle name).

You may give that information to me during the reading, not before.


newdove Sometimes your family, friends, and pets in Heaven come through in the reading.

They want to send you their love, support, and let you know they are now well.

Please be flexible and willing to hear from loved ones in Heaven, if that occurs.

Realize it's up to Spirit what happens in a reading.

NOTE: If you are wanting to specifically connect with loved ones in Heaven, please book a reading for MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN.

There is spiritual growth and healing in Heaven.

People become wiser, understanding, forgiving, compassionate, and more loving from their broader perspective.

If someone in Heaven that you had difficulties with attempts to contact you during a session, please be willing to listen to them. They may want to apologize or explain their behavior.

Reconnecting with a loved one in a reading can be a great healing for you and them.

You may choose to decline hearing from someone if you aren't ready.

NOTE: To learn more about mediumship, please see: MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN.


pinkrosebud The outcome of a reading is greatly influenced by your mind set and emotional state.

Please be patient, have an open mind, and a loving heart. Work with me.

Do not be withholding, testing, or interrupt me. You will block the flow of information and messages.

Please know that your reading with me is strictly private and confidential.

Your spiritual path and personal decisions are your own right and responsibility.

Spirit and I won't tell you what to do. Instead, Spirit and I will empower you to make your own choices.

Always do what is right for you. If something doesn't resonate at this time, let it go.


Please no alcohol, recreational drugs, or mind altering substances before and during the reading. It will detract from the session.

If you are deeply depressed, grieving heavily, or if you have had a recent disappointing experience with a psychic, medium, or channel, please wait to have a reading with me.

NOTE: You may NOT audio or video record the session, no exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

NOTE: You may NOT post transcript, audio, and/or video recordings of readings online, via social media, or in any other form. It is strictly prohibited.

Please be respectful of my time and energy by ending the reading at the correct time. Thank you.

The Guides and I are unable to answer questions after the session.

Please speak up during the reading if you have questions or need clarification.

Once the reading is over, I can't go back into the energy of the reading to reconnect with the people in Heaven or to answer personal questions about what was said. Usually, much or all of what is said to you during the reading is forgotten shortly after the reading since I am in a slightly altered state of consciousness.

Please be able to speak English well.

You may have a reading for PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY whenever you have a question or concern that you need help with.

I look forward to speaking with you and having a positive experience.