Mediumship Reading







"Gayle immediately relayed information from my mother and brother on the other side.

All of the messages from Spirit, guides and loved ones, were deep in meaning and VERY accurate.

I woke up the next morning feeling whole again and purposeful.

Gayle is the perfect messenger for our guides, Spirit and loved ones from the other side.

Her warmth, caring and wise perception and interpretation of my life and loved ones truly impacted me in a profound way.

I will talk to her again! Thank you Gayle!!" - S.M.

Gayle WITHOUT YOU SAYING ANYTHING, I will provide specific details about your family, friends, and pets in Heaven and about you that I could not have known and is not available on the Internet.

I deliver specific evidence, accurate facts, and information so you can know without a doubt that your loved ones are really communicating with you in the reading.

My clients often say the intimate details and uplifting validations I provide capture the true essence of the person so accurately that they feel as if their loved ones are in the same room.

My evidential mediumship brings greater understanding, healing, strength, and peace to those grieving.

Your loved ones and pets are still alive on the Spirit side of life.

You will be together again one day. It will be a glorious reunion!

NOTE: PLEASE WAIT 6 MONTHS after your loved one has passed before trying to connect with them in a reading.


If this is your first time having a reading, you can feel safe and comfortable with me.

My desire is for you to have a positive experience - one that brings guidance, comfort, understanding, peace of mind, hope, and healing.

The reading is loving, uplifting, and healing. It is not religious.

newdove I have great compassion for you regarding the loss of your loved ones.

I have lost several people I was very close to. MY BROTHER was 45 years old when he took his own life. It was devastating.

My brother was a father of two teenage daughters at the time of his passing. He was also in the Navy for 24 years. We still love and miss him every day. It has been very difficult for my family, especially my parents and his daughters.

Many of my clients have lost family members who have died from a drug overdose and an accidental or intentional suicide.

When I connect with those people in Heaven, they are healthy and happy again, but also feel regret for taking their own lives.

Your loved ones are being loved and cared for by family, friends, and pets in Heaven who have gone before them.

They are reviewing their life and learning from the choices they made as they grow and heal.


whitebaby During your reading, you may hear from your immediate family or your extended family as well as friends, co-workers, neighbors, and pets.

If you are or were in a significant relationship, that person, their family, their friends, and pets can come through in the reading, including x-spouses and x-in-laws.

You may hear from relatives you didn't know well or whom you never knew such as great grandparents, aunts, uncles, or birth parents, even people several generations back.

Sometimes you may be asked to pass a message to someone else such as a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor.

I may receive information from several people in Heaven at the same time and need your help to sort them out.

Have a reading because you want to connect with the people you love, miss, and knew well such as immediate family or very close friends. It is the love we shared with those on the other side that brings them close to us in the reading.

NOTE: Please do not have a reading hoping to get a message from someone you didn't know or a message for someone else. They can have their own reading when they are ready.

You may hear from pets in Heaven as well!

The animals that come through in a reading may be your previous pets or your family and friends' pets, including pets from several generations back.

Ask the people and pets in Heaven who you wish to connect with to attend the reading by saying a prayer silently or out loud. Tell them you love them and would really like to hear from them again. Shy, quiet, reluctant, or remorseful people may need a bit of encouragement to come through.


sunthroughcloudsl I mostly psychically know (claircognizance or intuition), hear (clairaudience) and feel (clairsentience) information and messages from your loved ones in Heaven.

I will usually psychically feel your loved one's presence and often hear the type of relationship to you.

I may share with you their personality traits, how they passed, physical ailments, describe their relationship with you, and/or share memories about their life.

Your loved one may say who they are with in Heaven. They may also provide information about you and your family that has happened since they have passed so you will know they are still with you loving and supporting you.

Your loved ones in Heaven can choose to show themselves at any age. Those who passed older may present themselves in their prime and much younger looking or at the age when you had the most contact with them.

If they passed when they were young, they could come back showing themselves as young or older if it has been some time since they has passed.

NOTE: When I give you information about your loved ones in Heaven, please say only "Yes", "No", "I'm not sure", "I don't understand", or "I don't know", unless I ask for clarification.

That way, I will know if it is making sense to you and you will know I am really connecting with your loved ones in Heaven because you haven't told me anything.

If you understand some of what I am saying, but you can't take all of it, please tell me what you do understand so we can clear things up by getting more information from your loved ones in Spirit and move forward with the reading.

NOTE: Tell me if you recognize someone I am describing, even if they are not "dead".

A living person who is elderly or with dementia or in a coma may come through as if they are in Spirit because they have started to spend time in that realm.

Someone in Heaven might describe a person here on earth because they were in some way connected to that person or they may want to send their love to them.

I may also describe someone in the living because Spirit wants to offer guidance and information regarding that person.

Please speak up and tell me if the person I am describing is in Spirit or still on earth so we can move forward in the reading.


lavender Please be able to speak English well.

People in Heaven did not have to speak English to communicate in the reading. It is done through mental telepathy in the form of thoughts, words, phrases, feelings, inner visions, symbols, scents, and psychic taste.

Your loved ones did not have to have a particular faith, religion, or belief in the afterlife to come through in a reading.

I have connected with people from all over the world with all kinds of beliefs and backgrounds.

I enjoy working with people in the USA and internationally.


butterfly There is spiritual growth and healing in Heaven.

People often retain much of their personality, but they also learn, grow, heal, and progress. They become wiser, understanding, forgiving, compassionate, and more loving from their broader perspective.

If someone in Heaven that you had difficulties with attempts to contact you in a reading, please be open to hearing from them. They often want to apologize or explain their behavior.

Your loved ones in Heaven gain a deeper understanding of things and learn from their life choices.

Reconnecting with your loved ones in a Mediumship Reading can be a great healing for you and them.

You may choose to decline hearing from someone if you aren't ready.


rose2 Quite often you will connect with one or more people and/or pets in Heaven that you were hoping to hear from - if you loved each other, knew them well (immediate family and very close friends), if it has been at least 6 months since they have passed, and if it has been at least 6 months since your last connection with them in a reading.

If the person or pet you are wanting to hear from has not come through by half way in the reading, please tell me so I can try to make the connection. I will do my best.

NOTE: You must be open to hearing from any person or pet in Heaven.

No medium can guarantee a connection with someone in Heaven or summon a particular person or pet.

Try to be open to connecting with more than just the person or pet you want to hear from.

Sometimes you are asked to pass a message on to someone else.

I allow your loved ones in Spirit to choose who comes through and what they say.

Please be flexible and realize it is up to Spirit what happens.

Be open to hearing from all those who come through during your reading and whatever messages they bring. They come to offer their love and support.

Those in Heaven who you didn't expect or want to hear from might be helping to bring through the person you are hoping to hear from. Be patient and let them say hello.

The Guides and I are unable to answer questions after the session.

Please speak up during the reading if you have questions or need clarification.

Once the reading is over, I can't go back into the energy of the reading to reconnect with the people in Heaven or to answer personal questions about what was said. Usually, much or all of what is said to you during the reading is forgotten shortly after the reading since I am in a slightly altered state of consciousness.


angel Quite often you will hear from one or more of the people and/or pets in Heaven that you are hoping to hear from.

In the rare instance that a connection with a person or pet in Heaven is not recognized or is not made, the reading will focus on providing PSYCHIC GUIDANCE and NUMEROLOGY regarding your specific questions.

The reasons a connection may not be made can vary. It takes your energy, your loved ones in Heaven, and my energy blended in perfect harmony and unison to make the spiritual connection.

It does not mean that they aren't with you or that they don't want to talk to you. It just may not be the right time.


orchids A Mediumship Reading is to prove your loved ones' survival. Our loved ones continue to live on and so will we.

A Mediumship Reading is also to provide healing to both you and your loved ones in Heaven, to share any words necessary, to express our love to those we miss, and to know without a doubt that we are loved.

The information often comes through in bits and pieces like putting a puzzle together. Your loved ones come with their own agenda. They must also work with the references and symbols the medium has.

You may need to help interpret the information they give or ask a family member or friend about it later.

NOTE: Please don't let the outcome of the reading depend upon hearing the specific message or sign you asked for.

Those in Heaven provide the highest and best information and messages they feel are appropriate. Please accept the validations your loved ones are able to communicate.

Your loved ones provide the information and messages they feel are for the highest and best at this time.

They come through with love and support.

I will lovingly share what I am receiving with you.


rose NOTE: PLEASE WAIT 6 MONTHS after your loved one has passed before having a Messages from Heaven Reading.

By taking time to grieve, it helps your loved ones in Heaven to have a stronger presence in the reading.

If you are deeply depressed, grieving heavily, or if you have had a recent disappointing experience with a psychic, medium, or channel, please wait to have a reading with me.

NOTE: PLEASE WAIT 6 MONTHS between Messages from Heaven Readings.

You may have a reading for PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY whenever you have a question or concern that you need help with.


When you make your appointment, don't tell me any information about your loved ones and pets in Heaven and don't tell me who you hope to hear from. That way, you will know I am really connecting with them.

lilac NOTE: Along with approximately 25 minutes or more of Messages from Heaven, I include PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY for the remaining time of the Private Reading.

IMPORTANT: 30 Minutes may not be enough time to adequately provide both Messages from Heaven and PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY.

NOTE: I strongly suggest a 45 Minutes Private Reading if you have several questions for PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY in addition to Messages from Heaven. I am not able to extend sessions if you need more time.

NOTE: For all Private Readings for Messages from Heaven, please have ready approximately 4 specific questions about your life, about several different subjects, that you would like guidance, clarity, and direction on for PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING since that is included after the Messages from Heaven.

I don't give general readings.

Please have ready a list of specific questions about your life.


roseboquet The outcome of a reading is greatly influenced by your mind set and emotional state.

The more open and loving you are, the easier I can connect with your loved ones in Heaven and hold the connection with them. Please be patient, have an open mind, and a loving heart. Work with me.

Do not be withholding, testing, or interrupt me. Otherwise, you will block the flow of information and messages.

NOTE: Please do not ask questions during the Messages from Heaven part of the reading. It interrupts the connection with your loved ones.

You may ask questions after your loved ones in Heaven have provided evidence and messages. Your loved ones may or may not provide an answer. Conversations with those in Spirit are not the same as when talking with a loved one here on Earth. They communicate primarily in symbols and feelings via telepathy.

NOTE: We are responsible for our own lives. Loved ones in Heaven don't usually offer advice or help with Earthly concerns such as finding missing objects or documents, discuss wills and genealogy, or tell you what to do with their belongings, the house, or regarding family.

I believe your reading with me will help you to find some comfort, upliftment, and peace.

Know that you will see your loved ones again in Heaven.

Talk to them out loud or in your mind. They will hear you.

Make them proud. They see you and want you to be happy.

NOTE: You may NOT audio or video record the session, no exceptions.

Posting transcript, audio, and/or video recordings of readings online, via social media, or in any other form is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please be able to speak English well. Loved ones in Heaven did not have to speak English. They communicate via thoughts.

Please know that your reading with me is strictly private and confidential.


Please no alcohol, recreational drugs, or mind altering substances before and during the reading. It will detract from the session.

I look forward to speaking with you and having a positive experience.



When your loved ones make their transition from this life to the next life, remember:

They are no longer in mental, emotional, or physical pain.

They are healthy, young, and at peace. (I will be younger, naturally blonde again, and 20 lbs. thinner.)

They are celebrating with family, friends, and pets in Heaven.

They hear and see you. Talk to them out loud or silently.

They love and support you. Make them and yourself proud.

They learn and grow from the choices they made here. Forgive one another.

You will all be together again one day.

I also want to share with you a beautiful experience I had. Here's the entry from my personal journal.

sunburst "As I lay in bed ready to fall asleep, I wondered what it is like for someone to die and go to Heaven.

I started to feel sorry for the person dying, but then it was quickly replaced with the understanding that I don't need to feel that way.

I was shown that upon our Soul passing out of the body and into the world of Spirit, we experience great excitement and joy upon seeing again those people and pets we love from long ago.

We are welcomed back Home in a celebration and reunion. We are happy!"

Be happy for those who pass. All is well. You will be together again.

These weren't just words. I was actually given the feeling first-hand of what it is like to rejoin those we love in Spirit.

It was wonderful!

It is hard to say goodbye, but fortunately it is not forever.


gregwithgirls In 2008, my brother Greg took his own life. It was devastating for all of us.

My brother Greg was 45 years old with 2 teenage daughters. His passing is something my family and I will never have words for. It still doesn't seem real. He is deeply missed. I love you brother.

I had already been working professionally as a Psychic Medium for 10 years when my brother took his own life. Intellectually, I knew that we don't die and that his spirit would live on, but the sudden and tragic loss of his life was still very difficult for me, our family, his children, and friends.

I needed to know my brother was okay, that he was in Heaven, that he was with our family there, that he was physically healthy, and that he was no longer suffering mentally and emotionally.

Through signs, dreams, and other forms of communication from my brother in Heaven, I know he is now at peace, healthy, and with family, friends, and even our dog in Heaven.

My brother Greg's passing has increased my desire and dedication to helping others who are dealing with grief and who are in need of healing or who want to hear from their loved ones again and know that their loved ones are still with them and they are aware of what is happening in their lives.

Please know that there is no death for our Soul. No one dies - not you - not your loved ones. Our Soul lives on forever. We are eternal.

Here is an inspiring dedication I wrote which includes some of the signs my brother Greg has given from Heaven: DEDICATION TO MY BROTHER.