I am a professional Psychic, Medium, and Channel.

I am Clairvoyant (See), Clairaudient (Hear), Clairsentient (Feel), and Claircognizant (Know).

For over 20 years, I have helped thousands of people from around the world.

I am the REAL DEAL!

Describe your concerns and desires, share your true thoughts and feelings, and openly discuss what is happening with Divine Spirit and me.

Receive psychic guidance and spiritual counseling as you talk about love, relationships, family, pets, work, health, desires, challenges, and more.


Enjoy an empowering conversation with Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels, your Soul, and me to become your most and create your best life.

You can live with love, ease, joy, peace, abundance, freedom, wisdom, health, energy, and power through growth, self-empowerment, and self-healing.

We assist you to step into your power with love, heal deep wounds, let go of victimization, pain, suffering, drama, limits, claim Divine gifts, and serve.


Learn about and mend difficulties in romantic, personal, and business relationships, even when the person is no longer in your life or has passed.

We assist you to create loving, respectful, fulfilling relationships with yourself, others, and life through self-awareness, healing, and personal growth.

Life is not predetermined. You help create your life in partnership with Divine Spirit with your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words, actions, and choices.

Future potentials are based on how things look now. Learn to live as your Soul and create your best life with the love, guidance, and support of Spirit.

Learn to feel and share the love and self-worth you seek. When you grow and transform, you live as an amazing, loving, powerful, and creative Spirit!


NOTE: Please have a list of concerns ready about several different areas of your life and be willing to discuss them with Spirit and me.

Write down what you would like to discuss for guidance, direction, better understanding, personal growth, self-empowerment, and healing.

I do not need the list of concerns ahead of time. We will talk about them at the reading.

If your main focus is on receiving guidance, let me know.

Please be flexible and open to hearing from loved ones in Heaven if they present in the reading. They may want to support you and share their love.

Connecting with loved ones in Heaven can be powerfully healing, life-changing, and a beautiful, amazing experience.



You may also receive comforting and healing connections with family, close friends, and beloved pets who have passed.

If your main focus is connections with those in Heaven, please let me know.

The reading will include guidance about your life regarding your questions. Please have questions ready.

NOTE: It helps us connect with someone in Heaven if you deeply loved the person(s), knew them really well, have a strong desire to connect, and it has been at least a few months since they passed.

I have great compassion, empathy, and understanding for the loss you are feeling.

Sadly, my dear brother Greg took his own life at age 45. His 2 daughters were teenagers at that time.

I wrote an inspiring dedication to my brother which includes some of the signs he has given from Heaven. See the bottom of this page to read it.


Your family, close friends, and beloved pets in Heaven want to connect with you.

They provide love, comfort, peace, guidance, understanding, and healing in the reading.

Usually you will connect with one or more of the people or pets you are hoping to hear from.

However, no medium can guarantee a connection with a particular person or animal in Spirit.


Connecting with family and friends in Heaven can help bring about profound healing, inner peace, love, understanding, strength, faith, and self-worth.

Loved ones in Heaven provide the medium with psychic pictures, words, feelings, and symbols to communicate with you during the reading.

The information may require your help to understand what your loved ones are saying. Be willing to work with me to interpret what comes.

Please do not require hearing one particular thing in order to convince you that your loved one is present. It may be unrealistic.


You may be pleasantly surprised to hear from unexpected family members, friends, and pets or even be asked to pass a message along to someone.

Relatives generations back, including those you never knew, may come to offer their support or help you connect with those you wish to hear from.

If you are or were in a significant relationship, that person and their friends, family, and pets may also come through in the reading.

You may even connect with loved ones still on Earth who have dementia, are elderly, sick, or in a coma who are starting to visit the Spirit realm.


There is no set amount of time to wait after someone has passed before seeing a medium.

Only you can know when the time is right for you to see a medium. Every person and every situation is different.

NOTE: Waiting a few months before having a reading gives you some time to grieve and may help provide a stronger connection with those in Spirit.

For connections with loved ones in Heaven, I highly recommend a Private Reading longer than 30 minutes to allow enough time for meaningful connections. It will include Psychic Guidance regarding your questions about your life.



Please do not tell me who has passed or what you want help with when you make your appointment. I prefer to not know anything prior to the reading to keep it pure.

I am unable to extend sessions. Please purchase a longer reading if you think you may need more time.

Please have a loving heart, open mind, be patient, work with me, have questions about your own life ready, and allow Spirit to guide the experience.

Be flexible and open to hearing from loved ones in Heaven if they present in the reading. They may want to support you and share their love.

It needs to be very quiet in the background during your reading. Be in a room alone. If other people are present, I may get information and loved ones in Heaven for them which would take time and attention away from you.

I highly recommend you have a pen and paper ready to take notes. The Guides and I often give valuable resources and information to help you.

I do not give permission to record, manipulate, or share readings with me in any format.

Please do not use a Speaker Phone or Head Phones so I can hear you well.

All payments are final and non-refundable, no exceptions.


Call as often as you like to book a Private Reading to receive personal guidance from Spirit and me.

There are over 438 honest, positive reviews on the CLIENT TESTIMONIALS page.

Enjoy videos with me, radio interviews, and recordings of live readings on the MEDIA page.

Readings are for entertainment purposes, spiritually based, and should not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. You should always seek the appropriate licensed professional counsel. Financial, legal, medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment are not provided. If anything regarding health comes up, please check with your doctor as well. I am not a doctor. I may not answer all your questions or connect with a specific person or animal in Spirit.

To make an appointment for any of my services, please see: PRICES & APPOINTMENT.

Spirit and I look forward to helping you!

Love, peace, and blessings,