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I have been working intimately with Spirit's teachings for many years to help me create significant, positive life changes and profound, deep healing. Spirit and I assist you to feel greater self-love, inner peace, personal power, create harmonious relationships, health, prosperity, own your Divine power, and trust your Soul's guidance. The Universe is ready and willing to support you in being your most and living your best life.

Life on Earth is a temporary opportunity or school for your Soul to love, learn, evolve, create, and share. Your Soul's Free Will chose the script for your life prior to being born in a Soul Plan. The Universe and all of life are supporting you in living your Soul's Plan and creating love, joy, and peace. Everything is happening for your Soul's Evolution and is predetermined by your Soul, which is part of the Creator, along with the assistance of Spirit Guides before you were born. Your challenges, successes, growth, and experiences in life were synchronized and pre-planned before you came here.

Trust and relax as you journey through life knowing that God, your Soul, the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides are working on your behalf always. Live in faith and trust knowing that all is working in your favor for your Soul's progression. You can choose to learn to let go of fear, resistance, drama, pain, struggle, and suffering. Go within and connect with the stillness and silence to hear the guidance of your Soul, the Creator, Angels, and Spirit to receive love, joy, peace, comfort, understanding, wisdom, healing, and personal power.

Your Soul or consciousness is eternal and never dies. Your loved ones and pets in Heaven live on and so will you. Love keeps us connected. You have lived many lifetimes playing different roles often with some of the same people or Soul Group to grow in your ability to love, understand, and forgive each other. You assist one another in your Soul's personal growth and spiritual development towards greater enlightenment. Everyone on all planes, including Spirit, is expanding and evolving towards greater awareness of themselves as Divine Beings and living as that Divine Presence.

The Journey of the Soul is to realize or come Home to God's Presence within us and to live as our God Self. Nothing and no one can make us feel whole other than this. You are spiritually awakening or becoming conscious to this knowledge so you may begin living as your Soul, which is part of the Creator, rather than living as the unconscious, limited, fearful, controlling, and defensive ego which keeps you stuck in drama, pain, and suffering. Awaken, dear one, and begin living the Truth of who you are. You are a Divine Being! Begin creating the highest experiences that life has to offer.

You are an extension of God, Source, the Creator, All That Is, Divine Intelligence. You are a Divine Being temporarily using a physical body to assist your Soul's spiritual growth, knowledge, and experiences. Divine Presence, Love, Light, Wisdom, Comfort, Peace, Power, Prosperity, Health, and Well-Being is within you and available to you now. What you experience influences all of life because you are a part of the Creator of All That Is. You are a part of everything. We are all one. The more you live from a place of Divine love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, peace, joy, gratitude, acceptance, gentleness, strength, patience, ease, allowing, and wisdom, the more the world reflects those qualities back to you in your everyday life.

Allow yourself to be guided by your Soul and Spirit through your expanding intuition and increasing psychic awareness as you spiritually awaken. Learn to receive, trust, and follow Divine guidance from the Universe as it comes to you through the deeper feelings of your Soul, Divine Presence within you, and through synchronistic events, nature, events, and people. Allow yourself to trust and know that the Universe is working in your favor offering you the best opportunities and experiences to support your Soul's evolution according to your pre-birth Soul Life Plan to help you live your highest and best life. Allow your Soul, God, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and the entire Universe to help you with whatever life brings.

The Creator loves, expresses, creates, and works in, through, and as you when your ego steps aside and allows. You are part of God. Use your Free Will, Divine Love, and your personal Divine Power wisely by choosing to let go of resisting what your Soul came to Earth to experience. Allow your Soul to learn, expand, and evolve with greater joy, peace, and ease. Choose to release fear, resistance, drama, pain, struggle, and suffering by accepting what is, living in the present, focusing on the positive, finding ways to appreciate, connecting with the Divine Presence within you, and by helping others.

Spend time in stillness and silence daily to strengthen your spiritual connection, inner guidance, and to develop trust in your Soul, God, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and the Universe. Receive, feel, trust, and have courage to follow the love, guidance, and support. Discover and live your Soul's Life Plan. Create greater purpose, meaning, and deeper fulfillment. Spirit and I support you in making these positive changes and help you to become more self-aware, grow spiritually, and overcome challenges to be your most and live your highest potential as your Soul.

Your Soul is loved, guided, and supported as you make this Earthly journey. You are an important part of a grand Divine Plan which you help co-create. Your life has a Higher purpose, a destiny, according to Divine Will. When you see yourself, others, and life with this new understanding, you will be more relaxed, amazed, grateful, and able to enjoy life to its fullest every day. You will know that because you are a Divine Being, a part of the Divine, an extension of the Creator, and Divinely guided that even more wonderful, beautiful things are on the way as your Soul helps co-create them.

When we primarily receive our self-esteem from other people, accomplishments, or possessions, we often feel dissatisfied. Break free from misery. When you're ready to move forward, what was once your comfort zone is no longer that. Move forward. Allow Spirit to guide and support you. There is so much more to life than we know and experience with our five physical senses. There is Magic to life when we ask, allow, trust, and are open to experience more than we know! I hope this brings you Love, Peace, and Blessings as you go about your day asking, opening, and allowing new discoveries and beautiful Magic. Please share this so others too will awaken from the ego's control, the illusion, the dream. You can live life as it is intended to be lived as your Soul, spiritually awake, guided by the Divine, and full of Love, Miracles, and Magic!

© 2022 Gayle Kirk