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After taking about 2-3 minutes of quiet to blend my energy with the Guides, here is an exact copy of what I channeled from Spirit. The only few changes I made were to put in punctuation for easier reading and understanding.

"Life is a journey without beginning and end. It is an expression of the Creator. It is breath. It has no beginning and no end. It is eternal. It is Love made manifest. It is consciousness in expression.

Most see it in such a finite way. They do not understand why they are here, what happens after they die, why there are so many struggles, what is the purpose of it all, and lose their sense of appreciation for it.

We see so many struggling on your planet. Many have lost their way in this time of uncertainty. We wish them to reconnect with the Love within themselves to begin to know the Peace that passeth all understanding and to know that they are a part of the Creator, the God force.

Then coming to understand this greater part of themselves, they will then know themselves to be bigger than the problems that they experience, the challenges that they encounter, and the journey they are on. They will begin to see life as abundant and joyful. It has purpose and meaning. They will feel less destitute and disillusioned and less in despair.

There are many who leave your planet crying out for help. We wish them to connect with the Light within themselves for in discovering this Light they will understand there is purpose and meaning to everything and a Plan for which their Soul is taking part. They will begin to think less of themselves and extend a hand to their brother and sister who are also struggling to understand.

They will come to know themselves as more powerful, more loving, more peaceful, and wise for this is the Life that courses through their veins, the very essence of their Being. To know oneself is to know the God within and to know the God within is to know the purpose and meaning of Life.

It is part of the Great Awakening, you know. It is this for which you have come - to discover yourselves as part of the Creator, part of Life itself, and to begin to enjoy the journey that you are on, not to curse it, but to appreciate it with reverence and gratitude and to notice the creatures great and small as having purpose and significance and meaning, to taking better care of the planet and all those who are up on it, and to know that this world is a part of other worlds, which are a part of other worlds even further yet.

It is amazing discovery! It is an amazing journey and we wish to help those who wish help for you have come here as one of those Lightbearers to help awaken others, to open the door to the things we are speaking, to help awaken the planet, to begin to love and appreciate themselves and Life itself.

It is a continuous and eternal process one that is never-ending and is always unfolding full of change and surprise at every corner so it is important to become in the flow with Life and to allow it to guide you and direct you so it is as if you are allowing Life to support you and you are feeling supported by it.

This is to say you become one with Life and as you do so you will become more able to appreciate the journey you are on and it will take you further and wider than you know for your Soul has come here with ideas and secrets it wishes to share and have unfolded within you.

As you grow closer in this knowledge, by reconnecting with the God force within, you will begin to appreciate and live Life as it was intended for all those Beings on your planet which is one of love and reverence for all.

So do not hesitate to taking time in the quiet to reconnect with your Soul, to discovering that Life awaits you with more joy than you can imagine or opportunities than can be experienced in even one lifetime. As you deepen this connection with Life, Love, God, however you call it, you will see that it is the essence of who you are.

You cannot separate yourself, except through misunderstanding or distraction or disbelief for even if you deny who you are, you are still it. A little bit of a paradox; but, it is in coming to understand who you are that there will be greater love and peace on this planet.

We thank you for your time and we wish you peace and blessings."

May 7, 2022
© 2022 Gayle Kirk