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I woke up from a powerful dream
with these words coming to me which I wrote down.
It is spiritual, not religious.

"There exists a world of love of which so often you know not.

The door to it is within your own heart.

Go there and I will meet you.

Spend time there and I will comfort you.

Reside there and I will be you.

For in truth, we are the same.

There is not one greater or lesser than another."

Channeled Message from Divine Spirit
5:00 am April 12, 2022
© 2022 Gayle Kirk


Do not wait for perfection.

Do not wait to be perfect
to share who you are, your gifts, talents, knowledge, compassion, and love.

Do not wait to find someone who is perfect
before you are willing to be in relationship.
As you love, respect, and support yourself,
you will find others who love, respect, and support you.
Relationships are a process of growing, understanding, forgiving, healing, and loving.

Do not wait for the perfect moment
to sit on the outdoor deck with strewn leaves, spider webs, ants, and highway traffic.
If you wait for all to be perfect,
you will miss the sun shining, the birds singing, and the flowers blooming.

Do not wait for perfection within and around you to participate in life.
Your life is an unfolding of the Creator/God/Source within you.
Divine Spirit is always loving, guiding, and supporting you.

Love your imperfect self.
Forgive the imperfection in others and in life.

Go about your journey and make the most of every moment.
Life is waiting to be expressed through you.

You do not need to be perfect to begin.
Just begin.

As you do,
the love, joy, peace, blessings, guidance, and Grace
that is within and around you will become evident.

Life will be full of magic, meaning, and mystical experiences!

And so it is.

Inspired Message from Spirit 8/6/19
© 2021 Gayle Kirk


Dearly Beloved,

We have come to help you on this day.
You have had much stirring in your mind.

Quiet the thoughts as best you can and we will be there for you.
You strive and strive and strive, but where does it take you?

Be still, Little One.
Allow us to come close to you and snuggle in our bosom
and we will hold you tight - tighter than you've ever been held before
for we are your Guides, your Family.

In the quiet hours of the morning,
be still and know that we are with you.

We seek to comfort and guide you.
You are precious to us.
We love you dearly, always, and forever.

Come to us when you seek the Light
to extinguish your darkness and fears.
We will comfort you in your hour of need.

Know that we hear your thoughts and prayers.
We seek to comfort thee.

We know you better than you know yourself.
We wish you to see yourself as we see you.

Go now knowing there is nothing and no one that can separate you from us
for you are a part of us and we are a part of you.

You are dearly loved.

Always and forever,
Your Friends in Spirit

Inspired Message from Spirit 022521
© 2021 Gayle Kirk


Rise to the Light, oh little one.
Know the blessing that you are.

Feel the Truth of your God-Self
and shine your Love to all who will greet you.

In the quiet embers of your Soul,
there is a magnificent Light shining from above.

It is there within each of you,
waiting to be discovered.

Fan its flames and move forward with courage
knowing you are the one you have been waiting for.

The Truth is within your Soul.

Channeled Message from Spirit 2/14/19
© 2019 Gayle Kirk

I woke up from a powerful dream of ascending to Heaven
with these words coming to me which I wrote down.
It is spiritual, not religious.

It is an important channeled message from Spirit for all of us.
So beautiful, loving, uplifting, inspiring, and timely. Enjoy!

January 21, 2017

Come oh little one
on this glorious night
as I wrap my arms around thee
and you shall see
the most glorious sights untold
and there will I take you unto my arms.

And this is true for all of mankind.
Whether you be a bricklayer or a magistrate,
s/he will come into my arms and
be joined by a thousand angels.

Comfort I seek to give to thee.
Rest for the trodden and worn.
For you shall come unto
The Land of 1,000 Suns.

No race, creed, or color shall hold you back
for this is a land for those long forgotten.
Here their glory shines.

Take my hand little one and come into my arms.
I will give you comfort and safety
and you shall know the true magnificence
and the peace I long to share with you.

Focus on Me (the I AM Presence within you) throughout the day
and I will lead you

and you will come to know Me as I know you on the Inner Plane
where heart and soul meet as one
where nothing disturbs you
and no thing can bring you down.

It is there we shall come to live as one
you again abiding in Me
and Me in you.

Take heart and know the wonders I have told you are true.

There shall be more time for us to spend together
as you seek to find Me.

Know this is true for I have said so.

Remember you are a child of God.

Where you go, I go also.
There is no thing and no one you are not.

Spend time in the quiet chamber of your heart
and I will come unto you.

Go in peace my child and
share the blessings of this day.

For this I have awakened thee.

Remain pure of heart, steadfast in my love, and
look for My guidance

and you shall know Me
all the days of your life
for I AM with you always.

Channeled Message from Divine Spirit
7:34 am January 21, 2017
© 2017 Gayle Kirk

"Go within and connect with your Soul
for the greatest Love you'll ever know
and the deepest Peace you will ever find."

Channeled Message from Divine Spirit - 7:30 am - 9/3/20
© 2020 Gayle Kirk


The Peace that you seeketh is within your own heart.

Go there and I shall comfort thee.
Abide in Me and I shall feed your Soul.

Fear not for the Angels of Mercy are with you.
Be of glad tidings.

Is not what we say to you true?

I am the Great Comforter.

In Me shall you find the Peace that passeth all understanding.

Except that you should abide in Me,
there is nothing more for you to do.
In all ways, glorify Me."

Channeled Message from Divine Spirit - 10:30 pm - 12/11/17
© 2017 Gayle Kirk

On Christmas morning, I woke up hearing in my head this inspiring message from Spirit.

"If God is not available from within,
then God cannot be perceived from without."

Channeled Message from Divine Spirit - 9:15 am - 12/25/16
© 2016 Gayle Kirk

"I took a moment to be still and asked my Soul,

'What do you wish me to know?'

Out of the silence, I heard my Spirit say to me,

'You are loved beyond measure.

You are more powerful than you know.

You are an extension of Source.

Go and tell the others.'"

© 2015 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"In all things that you say, do, think, and feel
move towards love."

© 2014 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"Giving is the gift that you give to yourself."

© 2014 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"Whatever you seek
you will find."

© 2014 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"It's by your doing that others should come to know.

Be ye the example for others to follow."

© 2014 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"If you want to be heard,

If you want to receive,

If you want to be loved,

Whatever you extend,
you receive."

© 2014 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"Fear not death
for there is not."

© 2014 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"Coulda, Woulda, and Shoulda -

Three brothers who never went anywhere in life."

© 2014 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"The secret to receiving
is in the giving."

© 2013 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling


"Give of yourself to others the best you can
in whatever way you can
with no thought of yourself and
you will have lived a life well lived.

Do not wait to give until you are good enough, know enough or have enough.

No, rather, give freely, generously, and lovingly to those in need
without expectation of recognition or return.

Yes, you can make a difference in this world
in ways greater than you will ever see and
in more ways than you will ever know.

Recognize yourself in the face of another.
There are many who would rejoice at your offering
no matter how small.

Let giving be your way of life
for as you give to one another,
so shall you receive."

© 2010 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling from "A Brother"

"How could we feel anything but love for each other?

You are me
and I am you.

We are one.
Each of us is a part of the Great Spirit."

© 2014 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"No, dear child, others cannot give you what it is you seek.

They were never meant to supply all your needs.

Release them, forgive them, and go within
for I have greater things to fill you.

Know what I have said is true.

My love is unconditional for you
always and forever."

© 2021 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"What you think you want is the money so you can buy things to have,
when what you really want is The Energy to create the things you want.

You have that energy to create already now - within you.
It is there. You just have to access and use it.

You create things through belief, intention, strong desire, expectation,
patience, faith, trust, self-worth, visualization, and allowing.

Therein lies your True Power for having and acquiring the things you want - not money.

Learn to use your Creative Power!

Notice we did not say hard work is a requirement to the creative process.

It is not, although you may use hard work,
but when done in joy for the things you love,
it no longer feels like hard work.

It becomes a joyful choice you make and a part of the journey."

© 2019 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling

"It is a time of Great Awakening!

All of those who are outside of this planet have come with great joy and expectation
as they observe Earth and its inhabitants awakening to their potential.

There is great joy in the Cosmos!

Many have come to observe and give their blessing and support and energy and healing.

This Mission will not fail for its time has come.

It was written in the Books long ago and you all came knowing it would be
and you were excited to help lead the way.

Many wanted to come. Only a few were chosen.

This is not a time to doubt yourself or to sit in the back seat.

Go forward confidently.
The time has come and we will help lead the way."

© 2021 Gayle Kirk
Spirit Channeling