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NOTE: I am not responsible for the information or the use of it in these resources, organizations, people, books, or websites. Always do what is right for you. Discuss your needs with your doctor or therapist.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these 3 books by ECKHART TOLLE: "PRACTICING THE POWER OF NOW", "A NEW EARTH", and "STILLNESS SPEAKS". Also good are Eckhart Tolle's Practising Presence (CD, DVD, Audiobook), Essential Meditations with Eckhart Tolle (CD), Meditation (DVD), and Eckart Tolle's free YouTube videos on his YouTube channel.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all the FREE YOUTUBE VIDEOS on the YouTube channel by the loving, wise, and accurate Spirit Guide JONATHAN HUNTER trance channeled by authentic medium ELAINE THORPE for knowledge for these awakening times, spiritual growth, personal development, and healing.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all the books and teachings by the late authentic medium and spiritual healer HARRY EDWARDS for spiritual growth, personal development, mediumship, and healing.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all the books, meditations, and teachings by the loving, wise, and accurate Spirit Guide ORIN trance channeled by the late authentic medium SANAYA ROMAN for spiritual growth, personal development, and healing.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all the books, meditations, and teachings by the loving, wise, and accurate Spirit Guide WHITE EAGLE trance channeled by the late authentic medium GRACE COOKE for spiritual growth, personal development, and healing.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all the FREE YOUTUBE VIDEOS on the YouTube channel by trustworthy, knowledgeable, and accurate Medical Surgeon and Ufologist DR. STEVEN GREER for your awakening spiritual growth. He is one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations.

Check out the books online by LOUISE L. HAY. She was an American motivational author and the founder of Hay House. She authored several New Thought self-help books, including the 1984 book You Can Heal Your Life. They are very self-empowering and healing. This book by Louise Hay is wonderful and so revealing. Our thoughts and feelings contribute to how we feel. Learn about the potential contributing factors of dis-ease in the body through her book, "HEAL YOUR BODY: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them" by LOUISE L. HAY available online.





You are the change you seek! Learn to be loving, happy, peaceful, wise, powerful, healthy, trusting, and inspired here and now. Learn to FOCUS ON THE PRESENT MOMENT, rather than the past or the future. As you focus on being here now, it is VERY IMPORTANT to also ACCEPT WHAT IS FOR THE MOMENT and find ways to BE THANKFUL, POSITIVE, AND THINGS TO APPRECIATE ABOUT THE PRESENT MOMENT.

I like the Serenity Prayer which says, "God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." There is so much self-empowerment in this statement.

Also, try not to personalize what happens to you in life. Most of the time, most people are acting and speaking from their egoic pain body. They are not fully awake and aware of how they come across. They haven't yet learned how to live as Higher Conscious Beings living as their Soul. Detach from the world a bit. Do not personalize what happens or what is said. Stay somewhat an observer of life and help yourself to stop identifying with and expressing your own pain to be happier and more peaceful.

To feel good, you can be of service to others and the world in some way. As you give, so shall you receive. Being of service and helping others takes the focus of yourself, your life, your problems, and any pain and suffering you may be feeling. I find these are BIG KEY choices and opportunities we have for living a better life.

PRACETICE DAILY MEDITATION to live the life you seek to live, have harmonious relationships, and to create the changes you wish to make. If it is hard for you to sit still, go for a walk, dance, exercise, or do some physical activities or chores before you sit. There are many ways to meditate. Here is one that has worked well for me.

Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed by people, pets, and devices. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. If you need to lie down instead of sitting, you may want to prop your back and head up to prevent yourself from falling asleep. Set a quiet timer next to you for the length of your meditation so you will not sleep for long if you do fall asleep.

Say a silent prayer or set the intention to consciously connect with God, Source, the Universe and your Soul, I AM Presence, Higher Self, and your Spirit Guides, and the Angels. Ask for Divine love, light, peace, wisdom, healing, the truth, and the highest and best for all.

Put the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth gently touching the roof of your mouth. Keep your teeth and lips slightly parted open.

Relax you mouth, face, neck, shoulders, arms, body, and legs. Feel the chi energy tingling in your hands.

Listen to the quiet vibration sound within your ears. Feel the soft beat of your heart.

Close your eyes and allow them to relax or leave them slightly open and relaxed. If you have your eyes slightly open, you can gently focus on a candle, the trees outside your window, nature, a sleeping pet, a beautiful picture, a vase of flowers, or some other still, quiet subject in front of you that helps you to feel loving, peaceful, quiet, still, uplifted, inspired, and at one with the object or scene you are admiring or enjoying looking at.

Place your hands on your lower abdomen. Feel your stomach gently rise as you breathe in slowly and deeply as you count silently from 1 to 4. Feel your stomach gently go back down as you breathe out slowly and deeply as you count silently from 1 to 4. Continue to do this for about 1 minute.

KEEP FOCUSING ON THE RISE AND FALL OF YOUR STOMACH WITH YOUR HANDS ON EITHER SIDE OF YOUR NAVAL. If you find yourself thinking, just let those thoughts go. Put your attention back on your breath going slowly in and out. Feel your hands on your stomach rising slowly and falling slowly.

FEEL DEEP LOVE, APPRECIATION, AND GRATITUDE for a person, pet, place, or thing. EXPAND THAT FEELING OF LOVE as you continue to focus on the person, pet, place, or thing.

If difficult feelings come up for healing, notice them, but continue to FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH AND THE RISE AND FALL OF YOUR STOMACH as you experience the feelings. This will keep you detached and connected to your Soul, rather than reacting with sadness, anger, pain, and suffering as the egoic pain body.

It may help to ask God, Source, the Universe and your Soul, I AM Presence, Higher Self, and your Spirit Guides, and the Angels, "What can I learn from this?" CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH AND FEEL YOUR STOMACH RISING AND FALLING TO STAY SOMEWHAT DETACHED from your painful thoughts and feelings. Notice if any guidance comes. Guidance and understanding may come to you then or later in the day or in a dream or at another time.

Silently say to yourself slowly on the IN-BREATH, "I AM LOVING." Slowly on the OUT-BREATH say, "I AM PEACEFUL."

Now imagine and feel God's Love and Peace coming down into you through the top of your head like a gentle shower, filling your heart, and down into you filling every cell of your body and every part of your entire body from finger tips to your toes. Stay with that image and feeling for awhile until you feel completely full of God's Love and Peace expanding within you and filling every part of you.

Continue to breathe slowly and deeply silently saying "LOVING" as you BREATHE IN while FEELING AND IMAGINING DIVINE LOVE filling you completely and silently saying, "PEACEFUL" as you BREATHE OUT while FEELING AND VISUALIZING DIVINE PEACE filling you completely.

Continue to repeat this for several minutes and then focus only on your breath going in and out while your hands feel your stomach slowly rise and fall. If you start thinking, go back to slowly saying, "LOVING" on the In-Breath and slowly saying, "PEACEFUL" on the Out-Breath while FEELING YOUR STOMACH rise and fall as you also FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING.

You may feel stillness, peacefulness, warmth, tingling, upliftment, love, joy, gratitude, humbleness, and/or an expansive sensation in your heart or in your high heart (thymus) which is where your Soul, the I AM Presence, God Consciousness, your Spirit connects within your body from above in the Higher Realms of Spirit with the Divine, Source, the Universe, Father-Mother God, the Creator, Infinite Intelligence, Life, and All That Is. Choose whatever words work best for you.

If you wish, continue to expand God's Love and Peace from your heart out into your home, your family and friends, your city, your state, your country, to the entire world, and out into the Universe. Feel and visualize God's Love and Peace filling you, surrounding you, while loving and guiding the entire Earth and greater Cosmos for several minutes and then gently bring your awareness back to your breath.

You will be happier, healthier, and more peaceful as you spend time in daily meditation and take time to be silent and go within throughout the day. As you sincerely ask to connect with your Higher Self and God and begin to have an inner conversation with this Presence, the more real and deeper you will be able to perceive this I AM Presence within you and allow it to guide you in your life. You will develop a deeper partnership with a Higher Power through your spiritually awakening Higher Consciousness. You will begin to release the hold of your unconscious egoic pain body, dramas, struggle, and suffering.

As you practice this breathing meditation daily, you will be connecting with your Soul, your Higher Self, your I AM Presence, the Presence of God within you. This is the greater, loving, supportive, wiser part of you that is an extension of God, Source, the Universe, the Divine and it is who you are. You are a part of the Creator. You are the I AM THAT I AM. As you connect with this Divine Love within, you will begin to feel less lonely, reactive, defensive, afraid, angry, sad, hurt, and more connected to something bigger, greater, and more fantastic than you ever could know from your egoic state of awareness.

Practice these suggestions and meditate daily. You will begin to see, know, and relate to others, yourself, and life with greater love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, cooperation, and as One, all a part of the Divine. You feel better, life becomes more joyous, often easier, and you begin to live life as we were all meant to live which as our Soul with Higher Conscious Awareness so that together we can create Heaven on Earth through greater love, peace, joy, beauty, balance, harmony, and unity.




Learn to be free of the control of the ego to experience greater love, peace, joy, power, prosperity, health, well-being, freedom, trust, and wisdom in your life!

The links below help you to discover and overcome 6 of the ways the ego creates drama, fear, pain, and suffering in your life until you learn, grow, heal, become self-aware, and live guided by your Soul and Spirit.

You will accept, create, and attract fewer control dramas in your relationships with family, friends, partners, co-workers, others, and in life by learning about how the ego operates when we are living unconsciously.

Our life and our relationships often reflect how we feel about ourselves and our ego's need for love, security, safety, freedom, control, and power.

When we are feeling unloveable, unworthy, and we are not respecting ourself, we will often attract partners who do not love, value, and appreciate us until we learn to love, value, and appreciate ourself.

We all act unconsciously in the 4 MAIN EGO, UNCONSCIOUS CONTROL DRAMAS: Aloof, Poor Me (Victim), Interrogator, and Intimidator until we become self-aware and live as our awakening Higher Self.

We all also express and engage in varying degrees of CODEPENDENCE and NARCISSISM as the ego until we become more self-aware and awaken.

When we are acting unconsciously from our ego, we use the CONTROL DRAMAS, CODEPENDENCE, and NARCISSISM as ways to try to get the ego's needs met. We often act out these 6 behaviors in our relationships with others and with God and even with life itself. We may exhibit more than one drama at a time or act out one drama right after another drama to try and get our ego's needs met.

As an ALOOF Person, we may choose to be alone or distance ourself through denial, avoidance, addictions, distractions, busyness, and escaping relationships, challenges, and life. We may resist feeling emotions and avoid intimacy and confrontation to feel safe.

As a POOR ME (VICTIM), we may feel like the victim and expect God, our partner, the government, religion, the healthcare system, schools, or others to save us, rescue us, take care of us, or be there for us because we feel dependent on people, systems, and things outside of ourself.

As an INTERROGATOR, we may find ourself asking a lot of questions, thinking a lot, relentlessly pursuing others, arguing, chasing after our partner for intimacy and understanding, and seeking love, security, approval, and self-worth outside of ourself often from our partner.

As an INTIMIDATOR, we may be angry, defensive, demanding, controlling, and verbally and/or physically abusive. We may feel the need to intimidate, dominate, destroy, or fight to get our ego's needs met.

As a CO-DEPENDENT, we may find ourselves searching for love outside of ourself through our relationships with others and find ourself needy. We may have trouble setting boundaries, respecting other people's boundaries, taking care of ourselves, speaking up, leaving unhealthy relationships, and allowing others to live their own lives without needing to fix, change, control, rescue, "help", counsel, or take care of others beyond what is appropriate. We may be overly involved in other people's lives or very dependent upon others for our happiness, self-esteem, and well-being.

As a NARCISSIST, we may focus mostly or solely on ourself at the expense of developing satisfying relationships of true intimacy and mutually loving, respectful, and supportive interactions with others. We may make promises of future commitment to others that we do not keep. We may often brag to boost other's opinions about us and help us to feel better about ourself. We may have difficulty with expressing empathy, understanding how others feel, and offering true compassion. We may discount what our partner says, how they feel, and deny what we have said which makes the other person feel unheard, confused, and wonder what is happening.

The wounded ego acts in one or more of these 6 ways in most of us to varying degrees at varying times and in different ways depending on the person and circumstance.

As you learn about these 6 aspects of the ego, you will be able to heal, be free, feel better. and create true love, joy, peace, abundance, security, personal power, and live as your Soul Self aligned with Spirit and guided by the Divine.

You will feel and create less pain, frustration, and encounter less struggle as you take responsibility for what you are creating and choose to heal.

Learn about these behaviors and transform these wounds into gifts so you may create positive interactions with yourself, others, and enjoy life.

My Guides have said, "Suffering is not a requirement on 'The Path To Joy'."

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JAMES REDFIELD, author of the book, "CELESTINE PROPHECY" and Control Dramas Expert says,

"Just as all of our shadows are truly meant to be gifts, the CONTROL DRAMAS can also evolve into a higher vibration to become positive strengths.

The ALOOF has an ability to access deep inner intuitive resources to bring wisdom and creativity to their life's work. Finding the courage to be seen allows them to share their gifts with the world.

The POOR ME (Victim) has the ability to experience the depths of our human experience through the full range of emotions. When they stay grounded and centered in their own inner source through the highs and lows of life, their knowledge, compassion, and empathy can be used as a beacon of light to help others and to make change in the world through reform.

The INTERROGATOR has the ability to channel their questioning into research and by using more well-rounded interpersonal skills, they can share and teach even the most difficult subjects in enjoyable ways. They also have an inner strength and desire for what is right and true. When they use this for good they can become an advocate for any cause they may be interested in.

The INTIMIDATOR has the ability to become a true leader holding themself to a standard of grace. Being assertive, confident, inspiring, and empowering they enjoy challenges, seek fairness for all, and gain the cooperation of others. Moving into authentic authority, they fully experience the value of trust and loyalty as it is equally given and received."

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I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book, "CODEPENDENCE THE DANCE OF WOUNDED SOULS" BY ROBERT BURNEY. It is an excellent book on codependence with a powerful perspective on healing our Inner Child and living as our Soul Self.

  • Robert Burney - Powerfully Healing Books on Codependence

  • Symptoms of Codependency

  • Codependency - Getting Triggered, Getting Our Buttons Pushed, Our Wounding, and What You Can Do

  • Codependents Anonymous

  • Transcending Neediness (Codependence) Talk by Eckhart Tolle


  • Narcissist Symptoms and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

  • Narcissist Personality Disorder

  • Narcissistic Parent

  • Trust Issues and How to Overcome Them

  • Narcissist Abuse Support

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    If you and/or someone you love is experiencing difficulties with alcohol or drugs, below are some helpful resources.

  • Al-Anon for people who are worried about someone with a drinking problem.

  • Nar-Anon for people who are worried about someone with a drug problem.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous for people worried about their own drinking problem.

  • petalheart


    For those who need IMMEDIATE help with suicide or suicide prevention, please call 1-800-SUICIDE. 1-800-784-2433

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - Talk to Someone 24/7

    Survivors of Suicide

    GriefNet provides grief information and online grief support groups for children and their families.

    Grief Support After the Death of a Child: Compassionate Friends and Bereaved Parents USA

    A fantastic organization for families who have lost a child: Helping Parents Heal



    The link below is from the Women's Health Network for greater mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being. It includes online quizzes for symptoms of PMS, Perimenopause, Menopause, Thyroid, Symptom Checker, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, and others.

    You can take the online quizzes in the privacy of your own home. Print out the results and bring them to your doctor. Ask your doctor to help you with any problems, symptoms, and imbalances.

    It is so important to feel good! You do not have to be in pain, tired, emotional, and suffering. By taking responsibility for how you think, feel, speak, and act, you can really enjoy your life, work, interests, and relationships with others!

  • Health & Well-being Quizzes & Support

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    Harry Edwards, Ernest Holmes


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