Energy Healing offers many amazing benefits and may help you to:

Have greater peace, comfort, health, vitality, rest, balance, clarity, and ease. Release fear, anxiety, confusion, depression, patterns, blocks, resistance, and a feeling of victimization. Increase an awareness of your Soul, Guides, and the Divine. Increase your intuition, understanding, and wisdom.

Have greater love, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself, others, and for life. Have greater self-awareness, own your power, and move forward in all areas. Gently release resistance, limiting beliefs, patterns, wounds, drama, and struggle without discussing them in depth.

Live your best life, overcome challenges, shift perspectives, manifest your dreams, and express your Soul's full Divine potential.


Energy Healing is done remotely at a distance via Telephone wherever you are located. Anyone may experience Energy Healing.

You may experience remote Energy Healing as relaxation, comfort, peace, relief from pain, joy, energy, warmth, gentle tingling, coolness, a soft breeze, and lightness. You may experience Divine Love, wise intuitive guidance from your Divine Self, a deeper connection with your Soul, greater confidence, well-being, and self-healing.

You may or may not notice the Divine healing energy as if flows to you and within you on all levels - emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. Each person and experience is unique. You do not need to notice the energy as you receive it or believe in its potential healing power to benefit.

Energy Healing lovingly and gently supports any assistance you may be receiving from the medical community or alternative practitioners.

NOTE: We will not be on the telephone during the Energy Healing. We will not talk after the Energy Healing Session.

Please be lying in bed or sitting comfortably during the Energy Healing. If possible, be in a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be interrupted by noise, people, or pets. Turn off your phones and notification devices.

You may relax with or without peaceful music or you may take a nap. If you fall asleep and wake up much later, that is perfectly fine. Drink plenty of water and rest, if possible, after your Energy Healing.



Before the Energy Healing, you may choose to have a PRIVATE READING to discuss your healing concerns and intentions before the Energy Healing.

Your powerful thoughts, feelings, words, and actions assist the creation of your well-being. The Guides and I may gently help you to identify, understand, shift, and release potential contributing factors of your pain and suffering without discussing them in detail. Be flexible and open to hearing from loved ones in Heaven if they present in the reading. They want to support you and share their love.

Information should not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. I do not make any promises, warranties, or guarantees about the results of my work, readings, energy healing, or insights. I am not a medical doctor or licensed therapist and I do not practice medicine. Continue any medical or counseling treatments prescribed for you. Any information is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment purposes.


Every day, make time to be still in the quiet of your home or wherever you may be. Think, feel, and do things that bring you joy, peace, inspiration, and gratitude. If possible, take a quiet walk in nature and follow any loving Divine guidance that comes to you then or later. Allow yourself to receive and sincerely ask Spirit to assist you. I suggest you speak these words often with conviction while affirming the TRUTH of this statement,

"I AM A DIVINE SOUL temporarily living inside a human body. As my Soul, I AM an extension of the Divine, Source, God, the Creator, Infinite Intelligence. (Choose whatever words best suit you.) My Soul is loving, joyful, peaceful, abundant, healthy, powerful, wise, purposeful, fulfilled, at ease, creative, grateful, worthy, guidanced, supported, trusting, and free! As I connect with my Soul, raise my vibration, expand my consciousness, and mindfully live in Higher Awareness with the Divine, I realize the Truth of who I AM.

I AM loved, worthy, powerful, and a co-creator of my relationships, my health, my work, my well-being, and my life. My powerful thoughts create my feelings and words which determine my actions which help create my life. I take responsibility for my part. I choose my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions wisely. I AM loved, guided, and supported always for my highest and best. I trust, relax, and allow my Soul and the Divine to guide me. My Soul chose to come to Earth to love, learn, grow, heal, experience, create, evolve, expand, and share with others. I AM gentle with myself and others. I forgive my unconscious words and actions. I forgive the unconscious words and actions others. We are all learning, growing, and healing. My best is enough. I AM enough.

As I learn and grow, I AM able to make new choices. I choose mindfully and wisely. I focus on the present moment with love, joy, gratitude, faith, trust, and positive intentions. I make time to be quiet, still, and connect with my Soul and the Divine. I live mindfully as my Soul, allow the Divine to guide me, and follow through on the guidance of my Soul. I AM loving, joyful, peaceful, abundant, healthy, powerful, wise, purposeful, fulfilled, at ease, creative, grateful, worthy, guidanced, supported, trusting, and free living as my authentic Higher Self in partnership with the Divine. All is well. I AM truly blessed. Thank you Spirit, God, Universe. And so it is."



The cost for 35 MINUTES OF ENERGY HEALING ONLY (No Private Reading) is $325.

The cost for 20 MINUTES OF ENERGY HEALING ONLY (No Private Reading) is $195.

Please let me know which option you prefer when you make your appointment.

Following the session, you will also receive continued Energy Healing and Divine Love, Peace, and Wisdom from your Soul and the Creator as you ask and allow yourself to receive.

NOTE: Please have ready a clear intention of what you would like to transform in your body, mind, emotions, and in your life. Be willing to discuss your intention and concerns without going in depth with the Guides and me during the Private Reading.

To schedule an appointment, please see PRICES & APPOINTMENT.