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Spiritual Healing is non-invasive healthcare similar to Reiki. It is successfully used in hospitals and hospices. Spiritual Healing supports you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically in all areas of life. It is often relaxing, healing, enlightening, empowering, comforting, balancing, renewing, and may reduce pain. The healing energy coming to you from the High Realms of Spirit may be felt as love, peace, warmth, coolness, tingling, a gentle breeze, light, color, beautiful visions, music, intuitive insights, or expansiveness. You may request distant healing for yourself, loved ones, or pets.

Spiritual Healing is done in-person and remotely on the telephone or Skype. Distance is no obstacle for the Creator. Spirit Doctors, Spirit Healers, Spirit Guides, and Angels work on your etheric body remotely to correct or relieve conditions. You do not need to be with me. For longer in-person sessions, you may prefer to lie fully clothed under a blanket on a cushioned table or sit in a chair. You may choose to have my hands rest gently only on your shoulders and head or I can work slightly above your body to allow the healing energies to flow from Spirit through me to you.

Spiritual Healing is often particularly helpful for emotional healing and mental relaxation. To help you unwind, I may guide you in a short meditation or positive visualization. If you wish, I can play soft music or I can gently play my peaceful singing bowls, drums, kalimbas, and other healing percussion instruments while you relax. You may also choose to play your own music using headphones or earbuds.

I may be in a light altered state of consciousness or a deeper trance as I blend my consciousness or attune to the loving, healing energies of God, Divine Spirit, with the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Spirit Doctors, Spirit Healers, Spirit Guides, our Souls, and Angels in the Spirit World to support your healing. This strong spiritual attunement allows me to transmit a deep healing to the causes and symptoms of the problem without pain, manipulation, complicated steps, equipment, procedures, or rituals.

My clients have reported remarkable improvements in their emotions, peace of mind, bodily conditions, vitality, health, well-being, and quality of life. Positive, effective changes have taken place using Spiritual Healing that greatly simplified surgical procedures or avoided conventional surgery entirely.


As you discuss your health concerns with Spirit and me at the beginning of the session, I often share insights on potential thoughts and feelings which may have contributed to the problem. Once patterns are known, you have the ability to understand and help heal them. Your thoughts and feelings are powerful. Your thoughts contribute to how you feel. Your thoughts and feelings help create your body and help create your life.

I teach Affirmative Prayer which affirms you are a powerful co-creator with God, the Divine. These affirmations empower you by focusing on desired outcomes and focusing on the powerful Presence of God within you. They assist you to create health and well-being through your positive, hopeful, and peaceful thoughts and feelings. Affirmations express gratitude which supports change and allows you to receive your good and your blessings.

Let go of a particular outcome. At times, results are not immediately visible and healing may be noticeable later. The needed change may be a shift of your awareness in order to achieve greater peace of mind, greater health, and well-being. Even if you are unable to fully understand, have faith and trust that all is happening for your highest and best according to your Soul's Plan for your spiritual growth in Divine Order and Divine Timing.

Sincerely ask the Creator for help. Be open, optimistic, relax, and allow yourself to receive assistance according to Divine Will. You may be tired after Spiritual Healing which indicates the work of Spirit has been deep. Rest, sleep, and drink plenty of water afterwards. Each person's experience is unique each time. If you have no reaction to the healing during the session, you may realize positive changes in the following days.

Realize Spiritual Healing may not be a miracle cure as it often takes time and self-awareness for improvements to occur. Be comforted in knowing that Spirit continues to assist as you sincerely ask for personal healing, take responsibility for your health and well-being, let go of resistance, release resentment, are willing to change, love yourself and others, are humble, surrender, let go of expectations and demands, are willing to learn and grow, have faith, belief, and trust in a Higher Power, are open, and allow yourself to receive.

NOTE: Please TELL ME if you want SPIRITUAL HEALING when you make your appointment.

The Spiritual Healing part of the session is usually about 10 minutes or more depending on your condition. Spirit Guides and Angels determine the length of time needed in a session to assist you. More than one session may be beneficial to effect the changes you seek. The rest of the session you receive PSYCHIC GUIDANCE from Spirit about you and your life. LOVED ONES IN HEAVEN may also provide a healing message.

NOTE: Please have ready at least 1 CONCERN to discuss for PSYCHIC GUIDANCE from Spirit about your and your life even if you are wanting Spiritual Healing.

Please book a LONGER SESSION if you have a lot to discuss for psychic guidance from Spirit and if you also wish to connect with loved ones and pets in Heaven. We will address as many concerns as time allows. Please do not wait until the end to ask questions.

Your energy affects the session. Please have an open mind, loving heart, be patient, and work with me. Spirit and I will do our very best to help you.