This book by LOUISE L. HAY is wonderful and so revealing. Our thoughts and feelings contribute to how we feel. Learn about the potential contributing factors of dis-ease in the body through her book:

  • "Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them" available online.

  • The following resources by ECKHART TOLLE are terrific!

  • Practising Presence (CD, DVD, Audiobook), Essential Meditations with Eckhart Tolle (CD), Meditation (DVD), Practicing the Power of Now (Book), Stillness Speaks (Book), A New Earth (Book), and watch his free YouTube videos.


    The links below help you to discover how the ego creates pain and suffering in your life until you learn, grow, heal, become self-aware, and live guided by your Soul and Spirit.

    You will no longer accept, create, and attract relationships with those who disrespect you or create control dramas in your relationships and in your life when you have greater love and respect for yourself and others.

    Our relationships often reflect how we feel about ourselves and our need for love, security, safety, freedom, control, and power.

    We all act unconsciously in the 4 different ego CONTROL DRAMAS: Aloof, Poor Me (Victim), Interrogator, and Intimidator until we become self-aware.

    We all also express and engage in varying degrees of CODEPENDENCE and NARCISSISM.

    We use Control Dramas, Codependence, and Narcissism as ways to try to get our needs met.

    As you learn about these aspects of yourself and others, you will be able to heal, be free, feel and create true love, joy, peace, abundance, security, personal power, and live as your Soul Self aligned with Spirit and guided by the Divine.

    You will feel and create less pain, frustration, and encounter less struggle as you take responsibility for what you are creating and choose to heal.

    Learn about these behaviors and transform these wounds into gifts so you may create positive interactions with yourself, others, and enjoy life.

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