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Welcome! My name is Gayle Kirk.

I am a professional Psychic, Medium, Divine Channel, Healing Facilitator, Author, Artist, and Spiritual Teacher.

I provide psychic guidance, connections with those in Heaven, Divine channeling, and Divine healing for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

FOR OVER 25 YEARS, Divine Spirit and I have helped thousands of people around the world in Private Sessions for guidance, clarity, and healing.

I am grateful to have received over 444 beautiful, positive, and honest testimonials from my clients since I began my business in 1998.

I respect all relationships, races, genders, cultures, ages, nationalities, religions, orientations, and backgrounds.

Spirit and I look forward to speaking with you.



People have asked me how long I've been doing this. The answer is my whole life.

My earliest memory of communicating with Spirit is around age 7.

I consciously channeled messages from Spirit to my younger brother Greg who was age 5 in our bedroom at night.

Many nights after dinner, my brother Greg and I would sit in the dark on the floor of our bedroom with the door closed in a wonderous, innocent, expectant way hoping to see Mr. Frog.

When the evening street light softly illuminated our bedroom, it created a shadow on the window curtain that as a child I thought looked like a frog which is why I called the shadowy shape Mr. Frog.

After dinner, in the dark, I intently stared at the window curtain in our bedroom until a frog shaped shadow came.

When the shadow of Mr. Frog appeared, I stared at it with intrigue and fascination. Mr. Frog captivated me with childlike wonder and delight.

My awareness slightly altered the longer I stared at Mr. Frog.

I intuitively used the shadowy shape as a focal point and became lightly entranced as I stared at it.

After a few minutes, when my Soul and Divine Spirit had blended and I felt the presence of Spirit, I would tell my brother, "Mr. Frog is here."

My brother would ask me, "Gayle, what is Mr. Frog saying?"

My young, open mind became gently influenced by Divine Spirit. I was lightly overshadowed and one with the love and presence of Spirit.

The altered state of mind I was in allowed me to speak inspiring words from Mr. Frog (Spirit) to my younger brother.

As I child, I would easily and naturally share simple, loving messages from Spirit in an awake, yet Spirit influenced state of mind.

I knew that Spirit was present, although I don't remember exactly what happened or what I said specifically because I was so young and it was many years ago. I was also in an altered state of mind which makes it very difficult to remember what Spirit has said through you after you have channeled.

Receiving inspirationally channeled messages from Spirit in this way as a child was more than make-believe. My brother and I understood that something magical and wonderful was happening. Communicating with Mr. Frog (Spirit) enchanted us.

My brother and I made a fun game out of talking to Mr. Frog (Spirit) after dinner for a few months. Unfortunately, we grew out of talking to Mr. Frog (Spirit) when our family moved to a new home several months later shortly after I turned 8 years old.



I have great compassion, empathy, and understanding for the loss of your loved ones.

Sadly, my brother Greg took his life at age 45 on July 17, 2008. His two daughters were teenagers at the time. I was 48 years old.

As we all certainly know, life can be very difficult and, at times, seem overwhelming. Life's journey often has bumps in the road, hard knocks, and takes unexpected twists and turns.

Eventually, divorce, depression, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, alcohol, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) overcame my brother.

CTE is a brain disorder caused by repeated head injuries. CTE causes erratic behavior including aggression, depression, and suicidal thinking. My brother was a very accomplished, active athlete in school. From playing sports, he had several concussion to the head which we believe contributed to his change in thinking and behavior over time.

Dressed in full military uniform, he took his life so that he would stop feeling the immense pain that he carried for years.

I have nothing but unconditional love and great compassion for my brother, his suffering, and the difficult choice he made. I don't condone his decision, nor do I condemn him for it. Naturally, I wish he had sought help and had chosen a different way and that things turned out differently, but it was not my choice to make.

We can't place our own expectations on what we believe others "should" have done according to our ways of thinking.

None of us were in his position or can say with certainty what we would have done had we been in his position. None of us know the depth of his pain, what he was thinking, or the severity of his situation.

All we can do is have compassion for him and learn to accept his decision with understanding and love and find ways to heal.

After my brother passed, I found the inner peace I was seeking through signs and dreams I received from him in Spirit, the mediumship readings I had with others, the guidance my Soul, God, Divine Spirit, and loved ones in Heaven provided me, and the deep personal healing I received over the years.

I have had several visitation dreams where my brother and my Soul have visited one another in the Spirit World. We even touched hands in one very powerful visitation dream as our Souls joined together in Heaven.

Sometimes I feel his presence and I hear his name when he is with me. My brother has healed significantly since his passing. He apologized for the great pain he caused everyone. My brother reminded us that at the time he took his own life, he felt he had no other choice. My brother is much happier now and most importantly, he has found the peace he was seeking. He is with our loved ones, friends, and beloved family dog in Heaven.

Many years later, my brother told me he supports me and our family from Heaven. He said through a respected trance medium, "I was there in the beginning and I will be with you until the end." It was so beautiful to hear his caring words and to feel his loving presence. I cried as I felt his great love for me and for my family and as I felt my love for him.

My brother's passing and my connection with him since he passed have given me a greater knowing that our Soul continues living after our physical body passes. Our Soul does not die. We are eternal Spiritual Beings temporarily in a body so we may learn, grown, and heal to help our Soul evolve and ascend to Higher Planes in Spirit when our Soul leaves the body and returns to our true Home in Spirit.

When we make our transition to Spirit after our physical body passes, we will review our life and learn from the choices we made. Our Soul will likely choose to reincarnate so we may have future lifetimes to continue learning, evolving, and to help others on their Soul's journey.

For over 25 years, I have helped thousands of people reunite with their loved ones and pets in Heaven and to find greater peace within them. It would be my honor to assist you to find the love, peace, comfort, and joy you seek by connecting you with your loved ones and beloved pets in Heaven. I can also help you learn how to recognize their signs from Heaven, to feel their loving presence, and to communicate with them directly.

You can still have a relationship with your loved ones in Spirit. They know of your challenges, joys, and desires. Those in Heaven, including your Soul, Spirit Guides, Spirit Helpers, Ascended Masters, and the Angels love, guide, and support you always. As you make time to sit in the stillness and quiet in meditation, you will recognize and feel their loving presence with you helping you on your earthly journey.

On my walk tonight, I saw a child's tire swing. It's wonderful how seeing something simple can remind you of a special time with someone. Seeing the tire swing in a neighbor's yard reminded me of the tire swing we had in our backyard that my dad hung up for us for four children to play with, along with all our friends from the neighborhood.

My brother Greg and his friends would rake all the leaves in the yard into one huge 10 ft high pile during the autumn season. They took the 12 ft high ladder from the garage and put it about 10 ft away from the pile of leaves. Greg carried the heavy large tire swing up to the top of the ladder and then swung into the huge pile of leaves with all the leaves flying everywhere! They would rake the leaves again into another large pile and the next child would climb up the ladder with the tire swing for their turn to fly into the huge pile of leaves. Good memories together!



In about 1998, when I first began seriously studying trance channeling, Reiki, energy healing, evidential mental mediumship, psychic development, past life regression, and other metaphysical topics. I sincerely prayed and repeatedly asked with a deep longing in my heart to know who my Spirit Guides were. I asked before I went to bed each night. Within about a week of sincerely asking, I met Jesus in a very powerful dream visitation. I say visitation because I know it was a real meeting between my Soul and his Soul. I felt such deep love as I had never experienced in this lifetime before or since (so far as of this writing in April, 2024).

The white light shining all around Jesus was so brilliant, but it did not hurt my eyes. Both of his arms and the palms of his hands were stretched out to me as he shared his Divine Love for me. I intuitively knew I was deeply loved by him. I also felt him telling me that I was capable of so much and to love myself, and not limit myself. I woke up sobbing from such a beautiful, powerful, and intense feeling of unconditional love. I cried as I told my husband about my profound experience while he held me gently in his arms.

Within a month or so from having the dream where my Soul met Jesus, I again asked to know who my Spirit Guides were before I went to bed. That very night, I had a dream in which I asked who my Guide was. I saw the name Vishnu printed on a child's drawing board. I knew I saw the name clearly, but at that time, I didn't know who Vishnu was. I woke my husband and asked him if he had ever heard of the name Vishnu before and if so, who was he? My husband is very intelligent. He said that Vishnu is one of 3 main Hindu Gods.

Around 1999, in one of my very early psychic mediumship development classes, I also saw Moses in a meditation when the teacher guided us to meet a Spirit Guide. I was surprised, but I knew intuitively that it was him. It was a very brief encounter, but it was a real meeting between our Souls.

I have always been spiritual. I am not religious. I seek direct, personal experience and communication with my Soul, Divine Spirit, and our Creator. I believe in unity, harmony, love, peace, mutual respect, compassion, and equality. We are all from God, Divine Love, Source, or whatever name you give the Creator. We are one. I believe, "Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you."

It was somewhat of a surprise to me when I asked to know who my Guides were and they showed themselves as people who were of different and varying religions in their past lives. I wasn't sure who I would see, if anyone, when I asked to know who some of my Guides were. I am glad these Spirit Helpers have connected with me and are helping me on my journey. We all have Guides helping us. It is wonderful to get to know them. As Souls in Spirit, we realize we are all part of the Great Creator and we are all one. There is no separation between us. What we do to one, we do to all of us in some way or another.

I have clairvoyantly seen several other Spirit Guides or Spirit Helpers in my meditations throughout the years as well. I met my Main Guide Chief Long Wolf in a meditation around 1998. I have also seen Chief Long Wolf clairvoyantly several times since then letting me know he continues to give me his love and support. Your Main Guide is with you loving, guiding, and supporting you from birth to the end of your life.

This is a photo of my Main Guide. Chief Long Wolf has said he wishes to write a book with me about philosophical matters, about the Spirit World, how to make our world a better place, and other topics for living as our Soul in Higher Consciousness. I have since connected with several Native North American Indians Chiefs who are helping me and my clients through my trance speaking and trance healing work.

When I trance channel, I feel the presence of my Guides as a group. One or more of the Guides will take turns speaking on behalf of the group. I may feel the Guide's personality when they present themselves to me as they wish to be known or as I would have known them in a past life. Sometimes my Guardian Angel, who introduced herself in a trance channeling as Anna, speaks for the group of Guides. Everyone has a Guardian Angel who is helping them for their entire life. Sometimes my Spirit Guide Anastasia will also speak on behalf of the group of Guides working with me.

Which Guide speaks for the group while I am in trance depends on what is being said, who the Guides are speaking to, the questions being asked, and if healing is being given. When I trance channel, my conscious mind relaxes and steps aside. I may hear what is being said through me and to the Guides in an altered state of awareness, but I quickly forget most or all of the conversation soon afterwards. I never know which Guide(s) will speak through me or what they will say or how long they will talk. It is always up to Spirit, you, and me in the moment.

Sometimes my Guide Lily, who was my older sister in a past life, will speak through me. Lily has said she would like to write a book about the Angels in Heaven and many more things with me. I'm excited to do that with her help.

Trance Channel Edgar Cayce, known as the Father of Holistic Medicine, has also come to me in a dream and said he would like to write a book about trance channeling, alternative healing, and the things he has learned since being in the Spirit World to add to his legacy. I look forward to sharing those books with you!

I also have a male Guide name Joseph who is a High Healing Guide and a Healing Guide name Henry who was my father in a past life. Both of them help clients during my sessions. I have learned of many other Guides who are part of the group that supports me in life and who work with me when I am helping clients, but they are too numerous to name here. I will share more about some of the other Guides that are assisting me and my clients with you in the books I am writing about my spiritual journey. Be sure to join my newsletter at the bottom of the Home Page on my website so you will be notified as my books are published.

Our Souls, Spirit Guides, Spirit Helpers, Ascended Masters, and the Angels all work together. That is why I refer to the group of Spiritual Beings that I trance channel simply as "Divine Spirit" or "The Guides" or "Spirit". I doubt I will ever know who they all are since there are many Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Spirit Helpers, and Angels assisting and some of them prefer to remain in the background. Some of the Guides come and go depending on the guidance, healing, and inspiration needed or the question that is being asked.

Divine Spirit told me in the very beginning that they prefer we focus on the information and messages they bring, not on who is speaking. What is important is the love, peace, guidance, support, and healing they share with us.



Without any information from you, I start the session by lovingly sharing what I psychically see, feel, hear, and know about you and about your life. I do not give negative messages, foretell death, or diagnose dis-ease. We have your highest and best interests in mind. Receive accurate, honest, positive psychic guidance, support, and suggestions. Move forward with love, joy, peace, power, prosperity, and health.

Next, be willing to discuss your heartfelt concerns openly and honestly with Spirit and me. I will provide psychic guidance to help you. Talk about relationships, family, pets, health, work, challenges, desires, spiritual and psychic development, the afterlife, your experiences, and more. Write down your concerns prior to the session. The psychic guidance and loving support you receive is partly based on the issues you ask about.

Divine Spirit and I assist you to create personal shifts, loving relationships, and life-changing transformations. Discover your strengths, potentials, and possibilities. Become Self-aware so you may gently let go of pain, suffering, struggle, and drama to be your most, move forward, and create your very best life.

Loved ones and pets in Heaven may very briefly connect with you in the reading. Please be open to hearing from them for a short, brief mini-greeting. Realize no medium can guarantee a connection with a specific person or pet. Welcome whomever comes from Spirit and their supportive messages. Those in Heaven come with love and forgiveness. Loved ones in Spirit do not bring up memories to hurt you or say things that are unkind. They come to encourage you and to help you heal.

At the start, you may ask to speak directly with Spirit about your personal concerns and heartfelt desires about your life while I am in an altered state. Divine Spirit or The Guides are names I have given to the group of loving, wise Beings in the High Realms of Spirit who assist us on our Soul's journey. As you connect with the presence, guidance, and inspiration of Spirit, you will likely feel loved, understood, supported, empowered, and safe. Receive wise, empowering, accurate Divine guidance and loving support for your growth, spiritual awakening, transformation, and healing.

At the start of the session, you may also request Divine Healing which allows your Soul, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and the High Realms to assist your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Become one with the Divine Presence of your Soul and experience the unconditional love, deep peace, wisdom, inspiration, upliftment, comfort, and profound healing power of our Creator. Please tell me when you schedule your appointment if you would like 5 to 25 minutes of peaceful Divine Healing during the session to assist you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sessions may be remote on Zoom or over the telephone. I do not need a photo of the person or pet in need of healing.

Our Souls, Divine Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, and I provide guidance and support to help you make your own wise choices. We may share potentials for the future based on how things look as of now. We do not foretell death or dis-ease. Everyone has Free Will. Life unfolds based on the choices and actions you and others make. You help co-create your life. Things happen in Divine Order and Divine Timing according to your choices, actions, allowing, and what your Soul chose for you prior to birth.

Information from Spirit and me is only our opinion. What you do with that is up to you and 100% your responsibility. We do not tell you what to do or how to live. You are 100% responsible for any action taken based on your interpretation of the insights presented. All sessions, classes, and events are for entertainment purposes only. Information should not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. Spirit and I do not give legal, financial, or health advice. I am not medically trained. I rely on guidance from Spirit. The validity and success of our healing and counseling methods are not promised, implied, or guaranteed. No claims or promises are made. Each session is an experiment with you and Spirit.

Spirit and I cannot take away lessons and learning your Soul chose to live. We may not answer a question if it seems appropriate. Timeframes are approximate and things may unfold differently than discussed. Spirit, the Guides, your loved ones in Heaven, and I are not all-knowing. Divine Spirit, those in Heaven, and I share our views based on our Soul's evolution. Go within your own heart for your truth. Do what is right for you.



We all have Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Spirit Helpers, and Angels from the Spirit side of life helping our Soul on its journey in this life. Some Guides are with us in the moment or for a time. Other Guides help us for many lifetimes. Often, we have known the Guides who are helping us because we have spent past lives with them. We are part of the same Soul Group. Ascended Masters and the Angels often help many people at the same time.

If you desire to know who in Spirit is helping you besides God/Creator and your own Divine Soul, before you go to sleep at night and before you meditate, ask your Soul and Divine Spirit with all sincerity and a heartfelt desire to make themselves known to you. Take time in meditation to connect more closely with your Soul and Spirit in your awareness. You may or may not be shown specifically some of the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Spirit Helpers, Angels, and other Divine Beings from the High Realms of Spirit. It is not always necessary that we know our Spirit Helpers as individuals. Trust and know you have a Spirit Team working with you as a group of Spiritual Beings who love, guide, and support you. We all have help from our Soul, God/Source, and Divine Spirit.

Take time to form a close relationship with your own Divine Soul and your Divine Spirit Team. Talk to them about your concerns. Feel the unconditional love, deep peace, comfort, healing, and compassion they offer you. Listen in the stillness and silence for their guidance. Take time to feel the power and strength of your Soul's Divine Presence within you. It is very important to spend time in meditation connecting with your Divine Self because your Soul is a part of God/Creator within you. Therein lies the love, peace, power, health, abundance, wisdom, and all that you seek.

You can learn to live empowered as your Soul with the knowledge you are Spirit, which is a Divine spark of God. Strive to live life with this Self-Realization. Everything will improve as you live in Higher Consciousness. You will be more awake from the illusions of this world that your Soul has chosen to temporarily inhabit so it may evolve and progress spiritually. You will also create fewer dramas and experience less suffering in your relationships and in your life. As you live with the conscious awareness of your Soul's Divine Presence and in connection with Divine Spirit, you will also be of greater service to others, an instrument of loving kindness, peace, and you will help create a better world for all.

When you ask for Divine guidance, pay attention to the inner guidance when it comes through your Soul's psychic senses, your dreams, during meditation, from the outer world through synchronisities, other people who are inspired to say the right thing at the right time, and support in unexpected ways. Know that you are loved, guided, and supported always by your Soul, the Creator, and the High Realms of Spirit. As you spend more time in quiet reflection and in meditation, you will know this to be true and be Divinely guided in all things.

High level guidance will always direct you back to your own Soul, also called the Higher Self, and to God/Source/Creator. When getting a reading, be discerning no matter who the reader is, who the Guide is said to be, where the Guide says they are from, no matter whether there is a voice change or not when the medium channels, and whether or not the medium is aware of what is being said or not.

It is important to be sure the information from Spirit and the guidance and messages from a channel, medium, or psychic are positive, loving, compassionate, respectful, Self-empowering, consistent, trustworthy, feel right, make sense to you, are true or provable or evidential when possible, encourage you to make your own decisions, direct you to your inner wisdom for the answers, add real value to your personal growth and spiritual development, help you to align with your Soul Self, and have your highest and best interests in mind.

Spirit Guides in the High Realms do not tell you what to do or how to live. They do not take away your personal responsibility and personal power to choose for yourself and to create your life. Your Soul and Divine Spirit help you to make your own wise choices and learn from those decisions.

You will likely feel the Divine love, compassion, deep peace, and presence of your Soul or Higher Self and from Spirit in your heart as the Higher Realms of Spirit communicate with you in a session or when they connect with you privately. Always do what is right for you no matter which Guide is speaking, who the medium is, and whether or not someone says they are in trance.



We are not the physical body. We are a Soul, a Divine part of our Creator, temporarily in a body. Our Soul chooses to come to Earth to love, create, learn, heal, awaken, support others on their Soul's journey, evolve, and progress to the Higher Realms of Spirit when we transition to the Spirit World.

Take personal responsibility for your life. You pre-planned all of it prior to being born so your Soul would grow and heal. When something is difficult, ask your Soul, "What is this here to teach me? What am I to learn from this?" When you sincerely ask, are truly open to receive the answer, and take time in the quiet and stillness, the Divine guidance will be revealed to you so your Soul may grow, heal, find peace, feel love, and move forward.

Make time daily to go within yourself and be still. Learn to quiet the mind and connect with your Soul and Spirit for the guidance you seek. Strive to live as your Soul, awake, and Self-aware. Live in Higher, Universal Consciousness so your Soul may evolve and ascend to Higher Planes upon returning Home when you make your transition.

Your Soul takes the learning and healing gained in this life with you when your Soul returns to the Spirit World. This is a temporary life. It is one of many lifetimes for your Soul's Journey of Spiritual Evolution. Your Soul predetermines everything prior to birth including who you will be, your parents, partner, children, strengths, lessons, successes, challenges, learning, healing, personal growth, spiritual development, and manner/time of returning Home (physical death).

Once your Soul has learned most of what it desires to experience through many different lifetimes and you have experienced all kinds of emotions, your Soul may choose to no longer reincarnate for a time and to remain in the Spirit World to continue your learning, evolution, and service to others.

Ask your Soul, God, and Divine Spirit to help you and make time to listen. Have the courage to trust and follow through on the guidance if it feels loving and right to you. Your Soul can move forward on its journey of Spiritual Awakening and Self-Realization. Know that you are Spirit and that we all come from the one Creator. What we do affects everyone because we are all connected. Our choices, thoughts, emotions, and actions influence not only our lives, but also others on earth, those in Heaven, and the loving, peaceful, intelligent Outer Beings in the Universe. There is no separation.

As you learn and grow through Self-awareness, you no longer have to experience the pain, suffering, and struggle of the ego. You are here to connect with the unconditional love and deep peace of your Soul, which is the Divine spark of God within you. By connecting with your Soul, the Light of the God-force within you, you will live as your beautiful, Self-empowered, loving, peaceful, prosperous, healthy, and fulfilled Divine Soul Self. You will live in Higher Consciousness, rather than under the control of the ego, and help towards creating greater love, peace, understanding, and healing for all.

I know from personal experience that spiritual support is important to our personal growth and spiritual development. I will also offer monthly group sessions online, some large and some small, with the Guides so they may speak freely on whatever they choose to say. There will also be time during some of those gatherings to answer personal questions for a few people during the gathering.

In addition, I am writing books channeled with Spirit to help you learn, grow, heal, live as your Soul in Higher Consciousness, learn more about the Spirit World, learn how to communicate with your Soul and Spirit, develop trance channeling, information on alternative medicine and healing, learn about the Angels, and support to develop your spiritual gifts and Divine attributes.



I want to especially thank my husband of over 25 years for his love, support, humor, and sense of adventure on this journey we call life! I'm glad we chose each other to love, learn, heal, grow, play, travel, explore, laugh, and have fun together this lifetime! I am thankful we are growing together and deepening our love for each other and for ourselves.

We have no children, but we have had several furry kitties who we adore and consider our children. This is our orange boy name Milo. He was a rescue kitty. Isn't he handsome!

Copyright 2024 Gayle Kirk





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Enjoy the video below of the little girl flying a kite. I feel like that little girl is me. I used to fly kites with my father and brother when we were young in a large field near our house.