I provide psychic guidance, connections with those in Heaven, Divine channeling, and Divine healing for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

You are a Divine Being! You are more than your life story. Move beyond life challenges. Life can be loving, peaceful, joyful, wonderous, and amazing!

NOTE: Please read the full description below for a private session. This helps you get the most out of your session since everyone works differently.



Without any information from you, I start the session by lovingly sharing what I psychically see, feel, hear, and know about you and about your life.

I do not give negative messages, foretell death, or diagnose dis-ease. We have your highest and best interests in mind. Receive accurate, honest, positive psychic guidance, support, and suggestions. Move forward with love, joy, peace, power, prosperity, and health.

Next, be willing to discuss your heartfelt concerns openly and honestly with Spirit and me. I will provide psychic guidance to help you. Talk about relationships, family, pets, health, work, challenges, desires, spiritual and psychic development, the afterlife, your experiences, and more.

Write down your concerns prior to the session. The psychic guidance and loving support you receive is partly based on the issues you ask about.

Divine Spirit and I assist you to create personal shifts, loving relationships, and life-changing transformations. Discover your strengths, potentials, and possibilities. Become Self-aware so you may gently let go of pain, suffering, struggle, and drama to be your most, move forward, and create your very best life. Spirit and I assist you to live more lovingly, joyfully, peacefully, powerfully, and fully in the present moment as your Divine Presence.

You help create a positive experience. You assist us to connect with the Angels and High Realms of Spirit by having a loving heart, an open mind, and by letting go of expectations. Allow Divine Spirit and me to lead the session. We address as many of your sincere questions and heartfelt concerns as time allows. Please speak up if you have any questions, need clarification, or if you are unable to hear. I cannot respond to inquiries after the session.

NOTE: Spirit and I do not say who your Guides are. We assist you to develop a loving, beautiful partnership with your Soul and Spirit.



NOTE: Please wait about 6 months after a loved one or a pet's passing to process some of your grief before having a session to connect with them.

Loved ones and pets in Heaven may very briefly connect with you in the reading. Please be open to hearing from them for a short, brief mini-greeting.

Realize no medium can guarantee a connection with a specific person or pet. Welcome whomever comes from Spirit and their supportive messages.

We are not the physical body. We are a Soul, a Divine part of our Creator, temporarily in a body. Our Soul chooses to come to Earth to love, create, learn, heal, awaken, support others on their Soul's journey, evolve, and progress to the Higher Realms of Spirit when we transition to the Spirit World.

You may hear from someone you had an important relationship with, including relatives several generations back, even if you never knew them. You may also be asked to pass on a message to a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker from their loved one or pet in Heaven. The Souls of family and friends, who have not passed, may also come through in the session to facilitate connection, understanding, healing, and to share their love.

When you go to Heaven, you will review your life on earth and learn from the choices you made. Our Soul continues to grow and spiritually progress in Spirit. Those in Heaven come with love and forgiveness. Loved ones in Spirit do not bring up memories to hurt you or say things that are unkind. They come to encourage you and to help you heal. They may apologize to assist you to move forward with more understanding, love, peace, and joy.

You may be able to speak directly with your loved ones in Heaven through me. If this happens, it is most amazing and powerfully healing.

NOTE: Please see an experienced, respected Evidential Medium if you are looking for more than a brief greeting from a loved one or pet in Heaven.



At the start, you may ask to speak directly with Spirit about your personal concerns and heartfelt desires about your life while I am in an altered state.

Divine Spirit or The Guides are names I have given to the group of loving, wise Beings in the High Realms of Spirit who assist us on our Soul's journey. As you connect with the presence, guidance, and inspiration of Spirit, you will likely feel loved, understood, supported, empowered, and safe.

Allow me a few minutes of silence and stillness while I relax and blend my energy with Spirit. Be very quiet and patient until Spirit begins speaking to you through me. My voice and mannerisms may change slightly as Divine Spirit speaks to you while I am in an altered state. There may also be slight transfiguration where you are able to somewhat see the faces of Spirit Guides or loved ones in Heaven as they come close and speak in the session.

Receive wise, empowering, accurate Divine guidance and loving support for your growth, spiritual awakening, transformation, and healing. Divine Spirit, your Soul, and I support you to create positive shifts in how you feel, health, relationships, work, prosperity, spiritual development, and in life.

Divine Spirit has said that who they are is not important. Spirit wants you to focus on their guidance and teachings for your personal growth and healing, not on them. Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, and I are not all-knowing. We assist based on our Soul's evolution. Do what is right for you. I may hear some of what is said by the Guides as you speak with Spirit, but I soon forget most or all of the conversation. Your session is safe and private.

If I go into an altered state, I do not know who in Spirit will speak with you or what Spirit will say to you. Whenever a Guide speaks, it is on behalf of the group of Spirit Guides, Spirit Helpers, Angels, Ascended Masters, loved ones in Heaven, and our Souls that support you and me. The Guide acting as spokesperson may change in a session or may change in future sessions depending on the questions asked and what Spirit feels you need.

Ask Spirit questions during the session if you need clarification. Since I am in an altered state, it is very difficult for me to remember details of the conversation even immediately after the session. I do not always know who in Spirit is speaking or why the Guide is saying what they do. I am only the channel of the information. I do my best to remain detached from the conversation. Each session is unique and experimental. No promises are made.

NOTE: Before we start the session, please let me know if you would like part of the reading trance channeled. No promises are made.

At any time, if you wish to speak with me directly, say to the Guides, "Thank you for coming, Spirit. I would like to speak with the medium again."

If I am in trance and you are speaking with Spirit at the end of the session, thank the Guides for their help and say, "Our time is up."

If you are not familiar with altered states of consciousness known as trance channeling or trance mediumship, you may: WATCH MY VIDEOS



At the start of the session, you may also request Divine Healing which allows your Soul, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and the High Realms to assist your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Become one with the Divine Presence of your Soul and experience the unconditional love, deep peace, wisdom, inspiration, upliftment, comfort, and profound healing power of our Creator.

Thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts create your feelings and create your life. Your thoughts can create healing. I may ask questions about the condition and about your life. We may discuss some thoughts and feelings which might have contributed to the problem or dis-ease. Shift how you think and feel to create wellness that may be significant by choosing loving, healing, peaceful, thoughts and by letting go of painful, fearful emotions.

If you are making your transition from this world, you may benefit in finding peace and comfort by releasing fears, karma, and painful emotions. You may not notice significant physical improvement, but Divine healing may help you make a more peaceful passing and your Soul evolve in the next life.

Divine Healing with Spirit may be miraculous, life-changing, or subtle. Divine Love and Divine Power assist whether or not you feel or notice anything. You may experience positive changes during or after one session. The healing energy may continue to help you for several days after the session to bring you further love, comfort, hope, and healing. Several sessions set weeks apart may be beneficial for greater improvements, but are your choice.



Relax as you connect with the Divine Presence, Love, Peace, and Healing of your Soul and the High Realms of Spirit. Sincerely ask Spirit for help. Open your mind and heart to receive. Have faith in a Higher Power. You are loved, safe, and supported as you connect with your Soul and the Divine.

You may likely experience Divine Love, Divine Presence, Divine Peace, a gentle release of unwanted emotions, a letting go of perceived limitations, a dissolving of fears, lightness in your heart, relaxation in your mind, greater comfort in the physical body, renewed joy, and well-being in your Spirit. You may observe Divine healing on all levels, sleepiness, warmth, coolness, a breeze, tingling, beautiful colors, understanding, pleasant dreams, wisdom, insights, spiritual awakenings, inner visions of Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels, and joyous visits from Loved Ones and Pets in Heaven.

I may softly tone musical notes or sing inspired, short, loving, and peaceful affirmations to help you heal your inner child and connect you with your Soul and Spirit. Shift into high frequencies of love, light, and healing. Feel uplifted and free while restoring well-being, balance, peace, and vitality.

For In-Person Sessions, I may quietly play beautiful, relaxing recorded music and ethereal musical instruments while you rest comfortably on a healing table. You may also choose from a variety of natural, healing and balancing essential oils to personalize and maximize your sacred experience.



NOTE: Please tell me when you schedule your appointment if you would like 5 to 25 minutes of peaceful Divine Healing during the session to assist you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sessions may be remote on Zoom or over the telephone. You do not need to be with me, although you may schedule an In-person Session if you wish.

I do not need a photo of the person or pet in need of healing. All that is required is a sincere desire, willingness, and receptivity to let go and heal.

This is complimentary therapy. Follow your doctor's advice. Do not stop medications. We do not diagnose, manipulate, or prescribe. I do not touch sensitive areas. You are helped according to God's Divine Will and your Soul's Pre-birth Life Plan. There are no obstacles for your Soul and our Creator. No promises are made. Each session is an experiment. Your Soul, God, and Divine Spirit are the healers. I am the healing facilitator.



Spirit and I assist your personal growth, healing, and spiritual development so you may be your most, feel good, enjoy life, and move forward with greater love, joy, peace, prosperity, personal power, health, ease, and well-being. We assist you to develop greater Self-awareness and a deep connection with your Soul and Divine Spirit. Live in Higher Consciousness as you spiritually awaken on your Soul's journey towards enlightenment.

Divine Spirit said to me, "Suffering is not a requirement on 'The Path to Joy'. Therefore, go forward lovingly, peacefully, and joyfully on your Inner Path. Enjoy this magnificent life you have chosen and live it to the fullest!"

NOTE: By having a session with me, you agree that all information is for your personal and private use only. It may not be used, shared, published, or distributed for any public format or commercial purposes without my written permission.

Information from Spirit and me is only our opinion. What you do with that is up to you and 100% your responsibility. We do not tell you what to do or how to live. You agree to be 100% responsible for any action taken based on your interpretation of the insights presented. You are paying for my time and energy, not for the information or outcome of the session. All sessions are for entertainment purposes only. Information should not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. Spirit and I do not give legal, financial, or health advice. Divine Spirit, those in Heaven, and I share our views based on our Soul's evolution. Go within your own heart for your truth. Do what is right for you.

Enjoy reading some of the honest, positive, healing CLIENT TESTIMONIALS below.

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"I turn into a fan girl when I'm on the phone with Gayle because this is the most legitimate experience one can have. I have worked with Gayle 3 times in the last 12 years. She has helped me transition through difficult times in my life when I really needed guidance that resonated with my soul. Guidance I can trust that has played out in life after she spoke of it. This latest session we practiced a new method (trance channeling) that enables me to speak directly with source. I highly recommend this!!"

"One of the best sessions I've had since I started over 20 years ago. Excellent insights and guidance. I strongly recommend you try her."

"There is no way Gayle could explain or describe the things she does unless she was truly connecting with Spirit. The information she conveyed was specific, accurate, enlightening, and comforting. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!"

"My Private Reading with Gayle went exceptionally well. She trance channeled my reading through supportive, loving, and gentle Guides. Several of my loved ones from Heaven also arrived, which was incredibly meaningful to me. I appreciate Gayle's gift of trance channeling and the Guide's wisdom, nudges, and direction!"

"Gayle channels voices from Guides who want to pave a pathway for our future guided by light and love. She is grounded, wise, kind, and wants nothing more than to heal our aching souls."

"Thank you for being such a clear and true Channel of Light and Wisdom. The Guides with whom Gayle works are insightful, intuitive, wise, and endlessly loving. I felt a true sense of how beloved each person in our group really is and how eager the Guides are to help us on our journey to awareness and grace."

"I have had several sessions with Gayle and each session has been a confirmation of the authenticity of her psychic gifts. Recently I had a "trance channeled" reading with her which exceeded my greatest expectations. The wise, kindly Ascended Master who speaks through her zeroed in on my issues immediately and accurately with little input from me and supplied me with the most helpful insights, not only from the highest soul perspective but also in terms of concrete, practical advice. Wow!

"I had the pleasure of having a remote Private Reading focusing on healing from Gayle. I felt the energy as a flow of loving peace and harmony, all around me. It was subtle and yet, I knew something was happening for sure. I am very sensitive and feel such things right away. You may or may not feel the energy or process during or afterwards, depending upon how you are wired. Gayle is a lovely person who allows healing energy to come through her from higher sources. She has her own healing gifts, as well."

"Aside from attaining deep enlightenment, both spiritual and emotional, I found that my session with Gayle provided a long-term healing effect. It changed the way I view the world around me."

"I left feeling uplifted and strengthened for the journey ahead."

"I wanted to bring myself back in alignment and to restore my sense of purpose in my work. Gayle created a safe, warm environment where we could work together and where I could express myself freely and honestly without fear or embarrassment. Having never experienced this, I was somewhat unsure of what to expect. Gayle led me through a process of letting go of the fearful energies through visualization and helped me get to the deepest level of meditation I had ever been to.

I could actually feel the energy around me and through me at work in my body. She used her channeled healing abilities to infuse me with new energy and perspective. I had a wonderfully enlightening and healing meditation filled with new images and sensations that I had never before encountered. I had often read about such experiences and through Gayle, I was also a witness to this deeper truth and I am thankful to her for that."

"My Private Reading which focused on healing with Gayle was simply life-transforming. Not only did it bring immediate relief to my mind and body, but it also put together for the first time the various pieces of the puzzles of my life into a coherent, peace-bringing whole.

Everything that I was told resonated deeply with me as the truth, even if I had not understood that until now. More specifically, I finally could understand the cause and purpose of the most significant and painful issue I have long had to struggle with and was finally given the remedy for resolving it.

My Private Reading with a focus on healing with Spirit as channeled through Gayle is one of the most important hours of my entire life. I am sending you the recording and I am happy to give you my permission to post it on your website. Many thanks again for a wonderful session! Life-changing! I look forward to seeing you again. Warmest best."