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I was asked, "What do you think happens to suicides? Just wondering?" Here is my answer.

All who pass, no matter how they may leave their physical bodies, go to the Spirit World.

They join with family and friends and pets who have gone before them.

Like all of us, they have a Life Review and learn from their choices so they can grow and heal.

We learn, grow, and heal in Spirit as well.

Many often wish to make amends for the choices they made.

We all stay for awhile in the Realm of our level of consciousness.

There are lower Realms for lower levels of consciousness, but all have an opportunity to ascend to the Higher Realms of Spirit as we are ready to live with more love.

We may choose to reincarnate one day.

KNOW your loved ones in Spirit are healthy, learning from the choices they made, and well now.

You will see them again.

Their Soul loves, guides, and supports you.

Be at peace for they too have found love and peace in their Soul.


Positive Affirmation for Peace:

I choose to be at peace in body, mind, emotions, Spirit, and in my life

through prayer, meditation, contemplation, nature, creativity, self-love, loving others, and self-awareness,

by taking personal responsibility for my choices as a co-creator of my life,

by healing my emotional wounds and unhealthy patterns from childhood, the present, family, ancestors, and past lives,

by transforming my pain and suffering into understanding, gifts, strengths, and opportunities to help myself and others,

by learning about relationship control dramas so I no longer create or participate in unhealthy relationships,

by finding greater love, self-worth, self-care, and self-respect within me so I may bring that to a relationship and enjoy greater love with another,

finding and creating more joy and peace by what I give my attention to, through inspiring music, uplifting books, videos, and enriching activities,

by how I think which creates my feelings which determine my actions, health, abundance, relationships, and how I live,

by being mindful in what I think, feel, say and do, having an attitude of gratitude, looking for the positive within me, others, and in life,

by focusing on the present moment which is where my greatest power for creating peace lies, letting go of any pain from the past, any worries about the future, and enjoying as much as possible the present,

by accepting what is knowing that all things are happening according to a Divine Plan, which my Soul helped create, and according to Divine Order and Divine Timing knowing the Universe has great love for me and is always guiding and supporting me for my Soul's highest and best evolution,

by detaching from the ego, living as my Soul, connecting with the Creator within me, and having faith and trust in myself and in the Divine.


When I worry about others, I do my best to remember to tell myself:

You are not the Caretaker for other adults.

You don't know what challenges and lessons they scripted for their life.

No one is a victim. We each have the Power of the Creator in us.

We all make choices prior to coming and when we are here.

This is only a temporary role we are each playing so our Soul grows.

Other people are responsible for their own life.

They learn now or later from the choices they make.

Love yourself and others unconditionally with healthy boundaries.

Heal your emotional wounds of the past and present.

Connect with the love, peace, wisdom, abundance, health, and Light within you.

Live awake and Self-aware as your Higher Self in partnership with Spirit.

Spirit is loving and guiding each of us.

All the joys, triumphs, challenges, and wounding our Soul chose to experience in life is so we will grow deeper in our awareness and expression of Divine Love for ourselves and for others.


Stop! Let this really sink in.

You are playing a temporary character in life.

Your Soul chose this character and your life prior to birth in order for your Soul to grow.


You are not this character that you play.

You are a Divine Soul.

Your Soul is the Creator expressing in you.

Your Soul, the God part of you, is loving, joyful, peaceful, wise, powerful, heathy, prosperous, and creative.

You can connect with your Soul any time, anywhere and bring those Divine attributes into your life, work, and relationships.

You can choose to live as your Soul here on earth.

You can choose to detach from the ego and heal emotional wounds from your past lives, childhood, and this life so you may fully live as your Soul.

You can transform your pain and suffering into strengths and gifts to share with others.

You can create a beautiful day, a wondrous life, loving and forgiving yourself while loving and forgiving others.


The purpose of life is to bring us closer to our Self-awareness that we come from Love, we are also Love, and to express Love.

Our Soul, which is part of God/Source/Higher Intelligence, pre-planned our life on earth prior to birth for our Soul's evolution.

Observe your life with detachment from the ego which is fear, doubt, worry, confusion, resistance, pain, suffering, and struggle.

Live as your Higher Self, guided by God/Source, to learn, grow, heal, create, and share through love, joy, and peace.

Have a positive attitude as you accept what Life has pre-planned to be lived through you for your understanding, growth, healing, expanding awareness, and development of Higher consciousness.

Have peace, faith, and trust in a Higher Power working on everyone's behalf.

Take time in nature and in the quiet stillness to connect with the love, peace, joy, power, prosperity, wisdom, health, and freedom within you.

Live life awake and aware of the awesome power of Spirit within and around you. Be guided by your Soul and Spirit.

See the amazing Divine Order and Divine Timing as God/Source orchestrates synchronicities in your life down to the smallest detail!

Be the Love that created you in all you think, feel, say, and do.


You are an important part of the great Spiritual Awakening!

Your Soul and Earth are evolving and shifting into living in a more loving, peaceful, awake, aware, Higher Conscious way.

You come from the Spirit World and you return to the Spirit World, Heaven, when your Soul leaves your physical body. Your Soul or consciousness is eternal and never dies. Your loved ones and pets in Heaven live on and so will you. You have lived many lifetimes playing different roles often with some of the same people or Soul Group to grow in your ability to love, understand, support, and forgive each other.

YOUR SOUL PLANNED YOUR LIFE PRIOR TO BIRTH. Trust and relax as you journey through life knowing that all is working in your favor for your Soul's progression. Everything happens for a reason even if you don't understand.

All is well. All things happen in Divine Order and Divine Timing for your highest and best according to your pre-birth Soul Life Plan for your growth, understanding and healing. Life on Earth is a temporary opportunity or school for your Soul to love, learn, evolve, create, and share.

WHAT YOU SOW, YOU REAP IN THIS LIFE OR IN YOUR FUTURE LIVES. Your past lives influence the present and determine what you are here to overcome. Karma is not a punishment. It is an opportunity for your Soul to learn and grow. Your past deeds teach you through this life's lessons and experiences. All learning is retained for use now and later. Choose to live mindfully with Self-awareness as your Higher Self guided by Source and the Higher Realms of Spirit.


YOU ARE A DIVINE SOUL, a part of the Creator, temporarily living with a physical body and an ego.

You are here to LEARN TO LIVE AS YOUR SOUL and become aware of when you are being led by your ego.

The ego causes great pain, drama, struggle, suffering, unhappiness, and dis-ease. When living as your ego, you may be temporarily confused, tired, dizzy, sick, depressed, angry, anxious, defensive, controlling, fearful, jealous, critical, stubborn, competitive, take things personally, and feel victimized, insecure, resentful, unlovable, and unloved. You may feel powerless and suffer in life, relationships, work, finances, and in your body.

You may CREATE AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFE, instead of experiencing unhappiness, pain, and struggle caused by living life controlled by your ego.

Actively choose to LIVE AS YOUR SOUL so you can access God's Divine Love, Presence, Light, Peace, Joy, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Health, Wisdom, Power, Prosperity, Clarity, Freedom, Empathy, Intuition, and your Soul's amazing gifts, talents, abilities, possibilities, and potentials!

Once you begin living as your Soul, rather than as your ego, you can claim and utilize these Divine attributes within you as part of the Creator.

ALWAYS BE WORKING ON HEALING YOUR FEAR-BASED ISSUES AND OLD EMOTIONS OF THE EGO IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE IN ORDER TO LIVE LOVE, JOY, AND PEACE AS YOUR HIGHER SELF OR SOUL and to raise your vibration, to become more enlightened, and to ascend to the Higher Realms of Spirit when you make your transition from this life to the next, rather than reincarnating lifetime after lifetime to learn the same lessons over and over again. Personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual development are continual as life itself is everlasting and always evolving.

Your Soul and Spirit are always bringing you the people, signs, synchronisities, information, and support to assist your Soul's evolution. Pay attention and notice each experience and each conversation. Ask your Soul and Spirit, "What is this teaching me? How is this helping me to grow, heal, and become empowered?" Be willing to listen and follow through on the loving guidance you receive. This is why your Soul has come to grow and evolve.

REMAIN DETERMINED, VIGILANT, AWAKE, AND SELF-AWARE SO YOU DO NOT FALL ASLEEP IN THE DREAM, THE ILLUSION CALLED LIFE OR YOU WILL BE CONTROLLED BY YOUR EGO AND EXPERIENCE PAIN AND SUFFERING. Be persistent and mindful so you do not act from the ego, which creates struggle, suffering, and further karma. Want nothing more than to be love, feel love, express love, and share love. Connect with your heart, your Higher Self, the God-force, the Creator within you. Your Soul will guide you intuitively as to what is good and right for you. Make time to listen in the quiet to the still, small voice within you. That is the voice of your own Higher Self speaking to you.


You are here on Earth to learn to live intentionally, consciously, mindfully, awake, and Self-aware as your Higher Self or Soul.

WHEN YOU LEARN TO LIVE AS YOUR SOUL, you let go of the past. You enjoy living peacefully and joyfully in the now. You accept and learn from what life brings. You make changes where it is appropriate to do so. You release fears of the future. You trust all is unfolding for your highest and best for your Soul's evolution.

As a Soul, you are becoming more loving, peaceful, wise, powerful, intuitive, and empathic. Your Soul is a part of the Universe. You are a one with All That Is. Your Soul and the Universe are continually growing, expanding, evolving, and creating. You are learning to see all sides of a situation so you may be more understanding, forgiving, compassionate, and loving. Even those in Spirit, including Guides, continue to learn in order to grow and advance to the Higher levels of the Spirit Realm which are infinite.

IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, AND FEEL BETTER! Do not take your fears, challenges, and emotional wounds with you into your next life.

Overcome emotional wounds and relationship challenges of the past, present, and potential future. Create positive changes and deep healing so you may enjoy loving, healthy, peaceful relationships with yourself, with others, and with life.

Understand yourself more clearly, your life journey, and relationships. Have greater joy, understanding, and peace with whatever life brings you. We will not tell you what to do or how to live. We offer suggestions and assist you to become aware of more choices. Become more self-aware and begin living as your Higher Self. By doing so, you will experience more love, peace, joy, wisdom, personal power, health, abundance, and freedom!

SPEND TIME IN THE STILLNESS AND SILENCE EACH DAY to strengthen your spiritual connection, inner guidance, feeling of peace, and to develop trust in your Soul, God, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Light Beings, Space Brothers and Sisters, and the Universe. Ask, receive, feel, trust, and have courage to follow the love, guidance, and support of Spirit.

You are a Divine Being! You are more than your life story. Feel good! Live your best life through personal growth, awareness, and emotional healing.

We assist you to create greater love, joy, peace, personal power, prosperity, health, ease, inner wisdom, intuition, creativity, freedom, and well-being.

Enjoy an amazing, authentic life as your Soul, connected to Source, and express your Soul's Highest Potential on the Journey of Spiritual Awakening.

Live as your True Self, the Soul part of you, awake, aware, and guided by the awesome love, joy, peace, and power of Spirit within you and around you.

Over the years, the Guides, Angels, and Spirit have helped me immensely with my personal healing and spiritual development. My intention is to support you in having a deeply meaningful session that greatly empowers you and enhances your life.

Spirit and I look forward to speaking with you. Enjoy my trance channeled writings with Spirit below.


Trance Channeled Writing with Spirit


"Awaken, dear one, to the Truth of who you are.
You are a mighty, magnificent Soul who has come from the Creator.

Stay awake!
Live the full potential of who you came here to be so long ago in your Soul's Journey.

The time has come.
The time is now.

Sleep no more!"

© 2023 Gayle Kirk


Trance Channeled Writing with Spirit


"For one to want to trust, one must feel safe for trust requires allowing and surrender. It is a letting go of the familiar and venturing into the unknown.

When people think of the unknown, they think that it is darkness and fear and something to be afraid of.

But, instead, think of the unknown as possessing magic, mysteries, surprises, joy, wonderment, and all the things that make the journey more beautiful, more peaceful, more loving, more fulfilling.

For then you will seek trust with all your heart and you will not be afraid to let go.

You will want to rush into trust and ask her to envelop you and hold you close while you relax into her arms and sign a deep breath. This is trust as we know it from the Spirit side of life.

So, think anew when you are thinking of trust and allow us to come to you for all is truly well."

© 2022 Gayle Kirk