Without any information from you, I describe what I am psychically seeing, feeling, and hearing about you, your life, your concerns, and/or loved ones in Heaven. Receive accurate, loving, wise, direct, and honest psychic guidance from Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels, our Souls, and me.

Guides from the High Realms of Spirit may also speak directly with you to guide, empower, and inspire you with their love, wisdom, and compassion. We will not give death, illness, or disturbing information.

Next, you will discuss your heartfelt concerns with the Guides and me. As you talk about what is going on, I provide accurate, clear guidance from Spirit to help you understand yourself, others, and situations on a deep level with love and compassion.

Learn about and mend difficulties in romantic, personal, and business relationships, even if the person is no longer in your life or has passed. We assist you in creating loving, happy, healthy, respectful, and empowering relationships with yourself, with those you love, with your Soul, and with life.

We can look at the past, present, and future probabilities based on your energy, choices, and how things look now. You help create your life with your powerful thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, along with others and Divine Spirit.

Your life can be more joyous, wonderous, magical, and amazing than you could ever imagine as you live as your Soul and allow Divine Spirit to guide you. The Guides and I support your personal growth, self-empowerment, and healing. Spirit and I help you to be your most so you may create and enjoy living the life you deserve, desire, and are destined for.

NOTE: Please have ready 3 OR MORE CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR LIFE for psychic guidance. I will respond to as many concerns as there is time. We do not say who your Guides are. We help you deepen your partnership with your Soul and Divine Spirit.

Be flexible and open to hearing from LOVED ONES IN HEAVEN if they present in the reading. They may want to support you and share their love.



I have great compassion and empathy for the loss you are feeling. Sadly, my brother Greg took his own life at age 45. The grief I experienced, along with that of my parents, siblings, and his 2 children was tremendous. I have healed greatly since then. I will assist you to find the comfort you seek.

Usually, you will connect with one or more of the people and/or pets you are hoping to hear from if that is your desire or if they wish to connect.

You may be pleasantly surprised to hear from unexpected family, partners, friends, and pets or be asked to pass on a message. You may even connect with those who have not yet passed, but who are visiting the Spirit World due to old age, illness, dementia, coma, or sedation. They may wish to offer their love and provide a message.

Those in Spirit often describe how they are connected to you, their personality, your relationship with them, their passing, memories, shared moments, and information specific to them and meaningful, evidential, and validating to you. As I give you information from your loved ones, mostly only say to me, "Yes, No, I don't know, or I don't understand," unless I ask you for clarification.

Your favorite loved one in Heaven may not be the first person you hear from in a reading. Others may wish to connect as well. Their energy may help bring through the person you most want to hear from. Please be respectful, patient, flexible, and willing to connect with whomever makes their presence known and in whatever order they may come.

No medium can guarantee a connection with someone in Heaven or with a specific person or pet. Loved ones in Heaven usually do not answer questions about what to do, possessions, or other concerns because that is for you to decide.

Those in Spirit are now living as a Soul which is pure Divine love and light. They desire to show you unconditional love and support. They have reviewed their lives, seen the error of their ways, and may offer you an explanation or apology. Connecting with loved ones in Heaven can be deeply healing and truly life-changing.

If you wish TO CONNECT WITH SOMEONE IN HEAVEN, let me know you when you book your reading. Please book a LONGER READING to allow enough time for a meaningful experience. Usually, you will also receive psychic guidance regarding your concerns. Please have ready 3 concerns about your personal life.

You may have a reading to CONNECT WITH LOVED ONES IN HEAVEN whenever you are ready. I suggest you wait 6 months since the passing of your loved one as it gives you time to heal and may help them have a stronger connection. If you want to have a reading sooner, that is fine. I am happy to help when you are ready.

Here is an inspiring dedication I wrote to my brother which includes some of the signs he has given from Heaven on DEDICATION TO MY BROTHER.

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